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Knight at Arms
This is a collection of feedback from the community, to track Bannerlord's progress on meeting community expectations.
Taleworlds said they want to "bring the game to the level the community expects". Here, those expectations can easily be seen. This list only contains things which Taleworlds somehow led buyers to believe the game would have.

Issues/content which Taleworlds has confirmed will be worked on are marked yellow.

CATEGORY 1: Fixing and balancing existing features to improve gameplay.
This is a list of significant issues, not including minor bugs. TW is aware of some of these issues, but they are listed for the sake of tracking progress.

Voting: Nobles usually all vote the same, making most votes impossible to change; Traits should make the AI choose differently. The player should always be an option in a fief/leader vote.
* War/Peace: The AI constantly declares war with not enough peacetime for the player. AI kingdoms should not demand tribute if they are losing badly.
* Nobles and garrisons never surrender and rarely negotiate. The player should be treated better if they surrender.
* Siege artillery should spawn in reserve. The AI should only deploy artillery when they have 3-4.
* Khuzait culture bonus is weak and almost unnoticeable.
* Minor factions: Their unique troops don't get used enough. Mercenary minor factions don't have T5 units.
* Multiple Policies are not functional or poorly balanced.
* Autoresolve Battles: High tier troops die in simulations when they shouldn't.

NPC Relations: Good relations with nobles has no useful benefits. It should make them much more likely to join your faction. Members of your clan should have good relations with you, instead of 0.
* Companions: Companions/clan members take too long to learn skills.
* Skill Effects: Engineering should make siege camps build faster. Tactics skill levels too slowly and doesn't benefit the player in real battle.
* Personality Traits: Most Traits are impossible for the player to gain. Traits have no noticeable effect on the AI's behaviour. Executing people doesn't give you the Cruel trait.
* Marriage: NPCs often marry characters that are on the other side of the world from them or are too old to have children.

* Arrows/bolts do too much damage to armour in Singleplayer, which is unrealistic, makes archers/horse archers very overpowered, and makes tactics shallow.
* Combat AI: Archers cannot hit circling horse archers. Spearmen do not use their spear when fighting infantry.
* Singleplayer Weapons: Spears are too slow and weak. Glaives do too much damage. Shields have too much health. Throwing axes are weak.
* Morale is mostly irrelevant to the outcome of battles, unlike how it was portrayed in devblogs.
* Troop Trees: Too few troops use braced polearms. Troop trees are not different enough from each other.

Balding haircut options, which were in Warband.
* Generated NPC children are clones who look exactly the same.
* Empire nobles wear worse helmets than their troops.
* Music: The unique songs rarely play on the world map, making the music repetitive. Siege music lacks variety.
* Scenes: Some castle scenes and 60 field battle scenes are still unimplemented. (Many added in 1.5.9 to r1.2.0.)
* Battle Ambient Sound System and Quad Ambiences improvements to sound system.

Multiplayer servers are unstable and players complain they crash often.
* Official multiplayer servers for South American and OCE players.
* Replay system for Multiplayer.
* General bug/crash fixing. (Ongoing in every patch - TW tracks bugs in this thread)
* Improved voice chat for Multiplayer.
* Mod tools and their documentation need to be completed (improved in 1.6.1 - r1.1.0)

CATEGORY 2: Adding features that were in previous M&B games, or mentioned in dev blogs.
Taleworlds used the M&B name and devblogs to create expectations and get people to buy, so they should deliver on those expectations.

Kingdom Court: In Warband, your kingdom had a Court where nobles would visit and offer to join you.
* Minor Faction bases: Shown in the 2016 demo. A place for minor factions and the player to recruit unique troops.
* Manhunters: Neutral bounty hunters with special troops, who spawned to keep bandit numbers down. Demo
* Civil Wars: A claimant recruits you and other nobles in a war to try and take control of a kingdom they claim to be the rightful ruler of.

Feasts in Peacetime: Warband let nobles and the player hold feasts, which improved roleplaying and immersion, and made it convenient to talk to lots of nobles in one location.
* Skill Training: You could pay money to get experience in a skill faster in Warband.

* Surprise Encounters: Warband had surprise attacks by drunks, bandits, and even assassins, in towns at night.
* Noble Duels: You could insult a noble to challenge them to a one-on-one Duel.
* Escape Fight: Fighting your way out in civilian gear after failing to sneak into a town.

Ability to promote companions to nobles as a faction ruler. (Added in 1.6.4)
* Choosing to accept a ransom offer for a noble, or keep them prisoner (Added in 1.5.10)
* Reasons for support for war or peace (Added in 1.6.1)
* Suggesting to allied nobles to attack/defend a specific location without you. A similar feature, ordering allies to act defensively or offensively, was added in 1.5.10.
* AI kingdoms should offer peace to the player (Added 1.6.1).
* The reward for raiding is not worth the penalties and time (Fixed r1.1.0).
* Strategic AI: AI parties should commit to actions more instead of bouncing between targets (fixed 1.8.) Parties should enter friendly towns/castles when fleeing (fixed in 1.5.9).
* Caravans die too easily, and their profits are too low (Fixed in 1.8.)
* Castles need to be more useful (Added exclusive recruits to castle villages in 1.5.10).
* Imprisoning nobles is unviable as they escape too easily (fixed 1.5.9).
* Player can't control allied parties (Fixed in 1.5.10 with stance and wage options for allied parties).
* AI nobles don't die in simulated battles (Fixed 1.6.3).
* AI Kingdoms with no fiefs left need to be removed from the game (Added 1.2.0)

Criminal Enterprises: Taking over an alley from a gang to create your own profitable criminal operation (Added in r1.1.0).
* The ability to retire the main character (Added in r1.1.0).
* Cutscenes: Animations for important events (Added in 1.8.)
* Sandbox Mode: Option to skip the main quest and choose your own starting situation (Added in 1.5.9)
* Ironman Mode: Option to play a save where you cannot quit without saving (Added in 1.6)
* Quests: Some quests do not trigger (Fixed? 1.6.1). The mid game lacks quests (improved in 1.6-1.6.1 with "Conquest of City", "Noble Revolt" and "Revenue Farming").
* Dialogue: Many lines of text have grammar/spelling/consistency issues (fixed in 1.8.) Tavern keepers have no dialogue (Fixed 1.7.2). Player should be able to talk to prisoners (Added 1.7.2). Dialogue should reflect recent events (Added 1.8.) Beni Zilal have no backstory (added 1.7.2).
* Smithing: 2H maces lack parts (Fixed 1.8.) Smithing is repetitive (1.6 Orders mode adds variety). Items sell for ridiculously high prices (Fixed 1.7.0).
* Not enough companions spawn (Fixed r1.1.0).
* Trade: Camels aren't purchasable (Added 1.8.) Some weapons and armor are worth far too much money (Fixed 1.7.0).
* Tournaments: Need better rewards to make them more worth it in mid-game. (Fixed 1.6.5).
* Upgrading a unit should use the cheapest horse the player has, not the most expensive (Fixed 1.6.3).
* Skills level way too slow (Fixed 1.5.10). Leadership, Trade and Roguery are too hard to level (Fixed 1.8.) Charm tree is underpowered (Fixed 1.7.0). Ability to respec perks (Added in 1.8.)

* Banners borne by troops in combat as shown in the 2017 trailer. (Added in 1.9.0)
* Order of Battle: Choosing where and how to position your troop formations before a field battle. (Added in 1.7.0)
* The ability to break imprisoned nobles out of a dungeon and battle your way out. (Added in 1.5.9)
* Fighting defenders in the keep after winning the wall fight of a castle siege. (Added in 1.6.1)
* Tax Collection quest where you must gather taxes (Added in 1.6.1) and fight the citizens if they resist.
* Assigning hero troops or filtering by high/low tier in Order of Battle system needed (Added r1.1.0).
* Due to collision zones, crowds of units jitter rapidly, and can attack through each other. (Fixed 1.9).
* Retreating from a siege has no penalty and can be exploited (Fixed 1.9).
* Singleplayer Mounted Combat: Horses charging into infantry don't cause enough knockdown (Fixed 1.8.)
* Reinforcements teleporting into the middle of a starting location severely disadvantages whichever side moves forward to attack (Fixed 1.8.)
* Prison Breaks: Need ability to tell prisoner to wait (Added 1.6.1).
* AI nobles/companions die in non-simulated battles too often (Fixed 1.6.3).
* Armour gives poor protection against melee weapons, which makes battles end too quickly, and expensive armour pointless (Fixed 1.8.)
* Sieges: Troops use siege towers and siege ladders very inefficiently (Fixed 1.7.0), and attack castle gates one at a time (Fixed 1.6.1). Artillery often hits allies when aiming at enemies (Fixed 1.5.10 and 1.6.1). Rams block troops (Fixed 1.5.9).
* Cavalry rarely couch their lances (Fixed in 1.9). Cavalry will ride off the map to gain charging distance on enemies (Fixed 1.5.10). Troops sometimes ignore close threats to reach their destination (Fixed 1.6.4) or focus on enemies who are too far away (Fixed 1.5.10). Ranged unit AI will not target cavalry at long range (Fixed 1.5.9).
* Throwing axes should do more shield damage (Added 1.8.) Pike bracing does not work in Singleplayer (Added 1.6.2).
* Low tier troops can easily get perfect morale (fixed 1.5.9). Visible formation morale (added 1.7.0).
* The ability to order troops to attack a specific enemy formation (added 1.2.0)
* Siege ladder pushing down (added 1.2)

NPC conversation animations glitch when they loop. (Fixed? r1.0.2)
* Vlandian culture lacks shoulder armor models (Fixed 1.8.) Aserai culture lacks armor models (Fixed 1.6.2-1.8.)
* Frequent sound for relation gain is annoying (Fixed in 1.6.3 by reducing frequency of emissary relation gain).
* Helmets are the incorrect size for characters' heads (Fixed 1.9).
* NPCs do not blink in quick talk screen (Fixed 1.7.2).
* Rulers of a faction should look like rulers (great crown models added in 1.5.10 - r1.1.0).
* Upgrading large quantities of troops in the UI is irritating. (Fixed 1.6).
* Greeting/main quest voiceovers. (Added 2.0 official release).
* Multiple armor pieces are not used by troops (Fixed r1.1.0).
* City models need to be completed (Finished r1.1.0).
* Rain weather effects are built into the game, but do not occur. (Added r1.2)

* Steam Workshop support for modding (Added 1.9)
* Custom servers for Multiplayer (Added in 1.8.1.)
* Bad performance needs fixing/optimising (Mostly fixed since 1.6 onward, most PC users now report decent performance.)
* Single-life "Battle" mode for Multiplayer (Added 1.7.2).
* Various mechanics in the game are poorly explained, and could receive more information in the Encyclopedia. (Added 1.7.2).
* Ranked matchmaking system for Multiplayer (Added 1.7.2).
* Aesthetic customization system for Multiplayer (Added 1.6.2).
* Choosing which troops are used in Custom Battle (Added in 1.6).
* Modders have requested the code be more accessible to edit (done in 1.6 - 1.6.5).
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After reading this book...I mean post I agree with most points.

Sadly TW will continue to ignore post like this. I hope you haven´t wasted that much time by writing this essay.
"I don't feel like you're listening to me so I'm going to throw a wall of words at you"

It's like raaaaiiaiaaan on your wedding day...

....It's a free ride when you've already paid....
can't wait to see absolutely none of this list make it into the game
I'm as pessimistic as you are at this point given the lack of communication, but if we don't try, why are we even here.
For the lols and the memes, and to see TW fail over and over again?

It´s like a seeing a car crash, I can´t just look away.

And there is some minimal hope left that things maybe will change...
Really well put together!

Unfortunately I have absolutely no faith in TW. You've put more effort into coming up with an organized strategy then they have
Oh my god, the memes. :smile: That's the real legacy of Bannerlord.
I sincerely hope the OP will get some kind of meaningful response ("tldr" "lol effortpost" are funny, but unbecoming), because he did the necessary work on behalf of the community.

This is another opportunity for Taleworlds to offer constructive engagement and say something like "thanks, we will look over the list, consult our secret roadmap, have an internal discussion over the list and we will let you know which suggestions are in our plans and which are not so you can color code them accordingly".
That won't happen. At best, Dejan will curate the list on his own and try to get them to discuss a limited number of features. The Committee for Rejecting Suggestions will tear his sub-list to shreds in a 15-minute session.
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This is another opportunity for Taleworlds to offer constructive engagement and say something like "thanks, we will look over the list, consult our secret roadmap, have an internal discussion over the list and we will let you know which suggestions are in our plans and which are not so you can color code them accordingly".
While I applaud the OP and all the work that went into this tread I hate to say it but I think this is just wasted effort. People on these forums need to realize TW either doesn't really care or doesn't want to communicate with forum users. We've been begging for more info for a long time and they won't change now why should they, they have our money there's no need to change the status quo, and 1 or 100 posts isn't going to change how they operate.
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