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five bucks

When Taleworlds started Early Access, they said they'd use community feedback to bring the game to the level that the community expects. But well over a year later, major problems which players have complained about since launch still aren't fixed, while instead things get added which nobody asked for.

So: This post is a collection of feedback from the community to show what we want, what Taleworlds says they are working on, and what community requests they have - or haven't - managed to complete. If TW truly wants to bring the game up to the community's expectations, here they can easily see them.

Community feedback in this post is limited to only features that Taleworlds has created an expectation about, or problems with features that are already in the game. This is because TW doesn't have unlimited resources. They are obligated to provide what they led buyers to believe the game would be like, but they can't make everyone's dream game.

With that out of the way, here it is.
Content which has been added, or problems which have been fixed, are marked in green.
Issues/features/content which Taleworlds has confirmed are in their development priorities are marked yellow.
Features which are "probably not" happening are in grey.
Please let me know of any errors. This post was made in patch 1.5.8, and I'll try to keep it updated.


CATEGORY 1: Features missing that were previously in M&B, or were mentioned in dev blogs. (High Priority)
Taleworlds used the Mount & Blade name to sell Bannerlord; so buyers expect Bannerlord to recreate the good features of the last M&B game, Warband. TW also hyped up buyers by talking about new features in the developer blogs, so they should deliver on those expectations.

Kingdom Court: In Warband, you could choose a fief to hold your Court in. Nobles who were interested in joining your faction would arrive at your Court so you didn't have to chase them down yourself, and a Minister in the Court would tell you about quests that needed completing in your kingdom.
* Minor Faction bases as seen in the 2016 demo video, as minor factions need somewhere to recruit their troops and for the player to hire them.
* Deserters: A neutral enemy type that abandoned their army to roam the world map, and had better skills and equipment than normal bandits.
* Manhunters: Neutral bounty hunters who spawned to fight bandits in areas of high bandit activity, and had unique recruitable troops.
* Civil Wars: A noble can claim they should own an existing kingdom, and recruit you and other nobles to their cause in a war against the current ruler. This feature was in Warband, and also mentioned in dev blogs.
* Ability to promote companions into nobles as a faction ruler. (Added in 1.6.4)
* Suggesting to allied nobles to attack/defend a specific location without you. A similar feature, choosing whether allied parties behave offensively or defensively, was added in 1.5.10.
* Choosing whether you accept the offer to ransom a captive enemy noble, or keep them prisoner (Added in 1.5.10)
* Reasons for support for war or peace (Added in 1.6.1)

Feasts: The ability for nobles or the player to hold feasts during peacetime, to increase Influence and relations, and create an opportunity for the player to conveniently talk to lots of nobles in one location, along with a benefit to immersion.
* Organized Crime system: Taking over an alleyway from a gang to create your own highly profitable criminal operation there, which is described on the Steam Store page as "building a secret criminal empire".
* Companions who can interact with the player and each other during travel, or have unique persistent personalities, appearances and stats.
* Courtship: Visiting more times to improve relations, to improve your chances of success in courtship. Fighting a duel against rival suitors.
* Skill Books: Items which you can buy from a bookseller to increase a certain skill over time.
* Sword Sisters: Hiring peasant women you free from enemies, and upgrading them into camp followers who become combat troops.
* Political quests: Plots to betray a faction ruler. (A "Noble Revolt" political quest added in 1.6). Resolving disputes between nobles.
* Cutscenes: Warband had animations for weddings, and TW will also implement animations for other important events.
* The ability to retire the main character.
* Sandbox Mode: Option to skip the main quest and choose your own starting situation (Added in 1.5.9)
* Ironman Mode: Option to play a save where you cannot quit without saving (Added in 1.6)

* Nobles who hate you hiring Assassins to attack you when you enter town. Belligerent Drunks attacking in taverns.
* Noble Duels: Insulting a noble so they challenge you to a one-on-one Duel. If you win, you reduce that noble's Influence and gain relation with their enemies, but you lose relation with them and their friends.
* Defenders making a stand inside the streets when they have lost the walls during a town siege.
* Visible spawn point marker for ally/enemy reinforcements.
* Fighting your way out in civilian gear after failing to sneak into a town.
* Nobles with the Daring trait being more likely to use aggressive battle tactics, and Cautious nobles being more likely to use defensive tactics.
* Order of Battle: Choosing where to position your troop formations before a field battle.
* Banners borne by troops as shown in the 2017 video.
* Prison Break quest where you battle your way out of the dungeons. (Added in 1.5.9)
* Tax Collection quest where you must enter a village to forcibly collect taxes (Added in 1.6.1)
* Fighting in the keep after winning the wall fight of a castle siege. (Added in 1.6.1)


CATEGORY 2: Completing, fixing, and balancing existing features, or adjusting them to create more satisfying gameplay. (High Priority)
This list does not include minor bugs. TW is aware of some of these issues, but they are listed for the sake of tracking progress.

Strategic AI: Players want nobles to take longer to return with an army after they are defeated. Parties don't enter friendly towns/castles when fleeing (improved in 1.5.9), bounce between targets without committing to an action (improved in 1.5.10).
* Elite troops have become too easy for the player and AI to recruit.
* Caravans die too easily and their profits are too low.
* War/Peace: Peace between wars should last longer so the player has time to recruit and do quests. Wars should have a minimum duration, to prevent many short wars. Kingdoms should be less likely to accept peace when they have lost territory in the war and their enemy is currently much weaker than them. AI kingdoms should offer peace to the player (Added 1.6.1).
* Castles: Not useful enough to be worth the garrison wage. Possible solutions: Increase their tax income a bit, increase their defensive value in non-simulated sieges, allow them to be used as a source of noble troop recruitment (Added for castle villages in 1.5.10).
* Autoresolve/Simulated Battle: Players don't want to use it to skip easy, boring battles, because they run a high risk of valuable troops dying who would never die in a real battle; it needs to better represent the outcome an actual battle would have. AI nobles don't die in simulated battles (Fixed 1.6.3).
* Governing: Player needs more ways to get towns out of starvation, and the ability to assist village recovery.
* Kingdoms with no fiefs left should be removed from the game after 30 days, so their raiding parties stop being a nuisance.
* Siege Artillery: Trebuchets are too good at killing siege engines. Flame siege engines are underpowered. Siege machines built by AI defenders on the world map are different to the ones within the battle scene (eg: they have ballistas on the world map, but mangonels in the battle).
* The player should recieve mercenary job offers from factions. Mercenary relations should reset when a war ends, so that mercenaries don't wind up bound to a single faction.
* Voting/Influence: Having high Influence, and/or being the ruler, should have more effect on the outcome of votes. Vassals should vote based on their personality traits and relations with candidates (added in 1.6). Player should be able to remove themselves as a candidate from votes. There should be a longer delay between votes on the same topic. The leader of the army who captured a fief should be a candidate when the kingdom votes for who receives it. Clans have thousands of influence and nothing to spend it on, making large armies too easy to sustain.
* The Surrender button is pointless, and should have some kind of benefit (eg: there is a chance enemies might set you free). The AI should surrender more often if massively outnumbered.
* Culture Bonuses: Battanian culture speed bonus is much better than other options and should be halved. Khuzait bonuses need a rework.
* Raiding: Should take longer for smaller parties, and give more reward for larger parties.
* Armies should provide more influence for joining them to offset their downsides.
* Minor factions: Lore-gameplay mismatch. Criminal factions (eg: Hidden Hand) don't seem to do much crime. Elite warriors in-lore (eg: Skolderbrovta) have weaker troops than normal factions' T5 units. Eleftheroi lore indicates they should be neutral with the Empire, not at war. The Beni Zilal lack dialogue or an encyclopedia description.
* Imprisoning nobles is unviable as they escape too easily (fixed in 1.5.9).
* Player lacks control of their clan/companion parties (Fixed in 1.5.10 with stance and wage options for kingdom/clan parties).

Skill Levelling: Engineering needs more ways to level it. Trade, Roguery, Leadership and Medicine need to be easier to level. Takes too long overall (Fixed 1.5.10).
* Perk Effects: You should be able to sell (but not buy) fiefs without needing the level 300 Trade perk, as it makes no sense you cannot sell something you own. Athletics, Roguery and Engineering skills are not worth investing in for the player. Leadership perk "Loyalty and Honor" makes it too easy to get morale-immune troops; its effect should be changed to only make T4+ troops fearless. Ability to respec perks.
* Finances: The amount of money the player gets from battle loot without Roguery skill investment is too high.
* Tactics skill is too focused on simulated battles, giving little benefit in real ones. This is bad, as it discourages players who level Tactics from actually fighting their battles and getting to use tactics. Possible solution: Make Tactics alter troop spawn ratio, like in Warband.
* Smithing: If you are lucky and get good parts early you can easily make game-breakingly valuable weapons (improved in 1.6). Some weapon types lack parts, e.g. two-handed maces. Smelting cheap weapons gives too many good materials. Unlocking recipes by grindy click-spamming is not fun (Orders system added in 1.6 made smithing more fun).
* Companions: Some cultures only have 1 companion available at game start. Companions/clan members take too long to level up skills. Attributes and focus points given to companions are too random and can leave the companion with inadequate stats for their role (Fixed? 1.6.3). Some companion Traits seem to have little/no effect.
* Personality Traits: Mercy Trait is too difficult to increase; Calculating and Generosity are almost impossible to increase. Various quests do not provide the Trait gain they should. Executing people increases Deceitfulness, which makes no sense; it should increase Cruelty.
* Persuasion: It combines luck with permanent lock-outs, which encourages save-scumming. Potential solution: Make the system more deterministic. If player has enough skills/traits/relations for a dialogue option, they always succeed. If the player doesn't meet the threshold, there is a tiny chance of success, which makes it worth trying the option but doesn't make it worth save-scumming to force it.
* Allow camels to be bought in markets.
* Upgrading a unit should use the cheapest horse the player has, not the most expensive (Fixed 1.6.3).
* NPC Relations: Gaining good relations with nobles by repeatedly attacking and releasing them makes no sense; it should instead be a minor gain or loss, based on the noble's personality traits. Relation with your spouse should be higher. Relation should have more influence on the likelihood of persuading NPCs. Enemy nobles you have good relations with should set you free after you lose a battle. You should be able to secretly convince nobles to join your faction before openly declaring independence.
* Quests: Some quests do not trigger often enough (Fixed? in 1.6.1). There is a lack of interesting quests worth doing in the mid/late game. (Improved in 1.6 and 1.6.1 with "Conquest of City", "Noble Revolt" and "Revenue Farming").
* Tournaments: Become pointless by mid-game. To make them useful, there needs to be higher levels of tournaments which have tougher enemies, but reward the winner with more money, renown, and relations with the town.
* Dialogue: Many lines of dialogue have grammar/spelling/consistency issues (improved in patches 1.5.10 to 1.6.4). Relations, renown, and the player's major actions should have more effect on dialogue (e.g. if the player defeats a faction leader, NPCs should acknowledge it in dialogue).

* Singleplayer Armor/Damage model: Armor gives much less protection than it should, against all weapons but especially arrows, bolts, and stones. This makes expensive armor not worth its cost, is unrealistic, makes companions/nobles/high tier units too easy to kill, and causes archers/horse archers to be vastly overpowered, which leads to shallow tactics and battles ending too quickly.
* Combat AI: Cavalry miss a lot of spear stab attacks against infantry due to bad timing. Troops don't block or parry enough (if the AI gets hit, it will attack instead of blocking). High melee skill AI is easily hit-stunned to death by two low melee skill AIs. Infantry AI is too accurate at hitting fast moving horses with melee, and is too quick when turning to face an enemy behind them. Spearmen/pikemen do not equip their primary unless fighting cavalry. Cavalry will go to the map edge to gain charging distance on enemies behind them moving at the same speed (Fixed 1.5.10). Troops sometimes ignore close threats to reach their destination (Fixed 1.6.4) or focus on enemies who are too far away (Fixed 1.5.10). Ranged unit AI will not target cavalry at long range (Fixed 1.5.9).
* Due to collision zones, crowds of units jitter rapidly, and can stand inside each other and attack through each other.
* Singleplayer Weapon Balance: Stabbing polearms e.g. spears are too slow and weak, slashing polearms e.g. glaives are too strong. Shields should take slightly more damage from arrows/bolts. Throwing weapons don't do enough shield damage (Fixed 1.5.9). Player and the AI cannot brace pikes in singleplayer (Added 1.6.2).
* Horses: Attacking from horseback with swords and spears does not have the reach it looks like it should. Horses charging into infantry don't cause enough knockback, so they get stopped easily, even in thin infantry formations.
* Multiple shields and armor pieces have stats which do not match their appearance, or their quality compared to other equipment, e.g. Reinforced Round Shield has worse protection than Round Shield. (7 items fixed in patches 1.6.2 to 1.6.4)
* AI captains charge into the thick of battle and die. They should be staying behind their formation and only fighting when the fight comes to them. (Improved in 1.5.10, captains spawn in the middle of their formation).
* Reinforcements spawning right in the middle of a fight can cause the player to lose in situations they otherwise would have won.
* Retreating from a battle is highly exploitable due to having little penalty associated with it.
* Morale: Morale should have a global effect that allows the player to cause chain-routs when an army loses its commander or becomes heavily outnumbered, as the devblogs said, with tier having medium effect on likelihood of rout. Perfect morale is easily obtained for low tier troops (fixed in 1.5.9).
* Sieges: Siege towers shouldn't drop their bridge until a group of attackers are ready at the top. Defenders should be able to open the main gate from the outside so they can retreat after a sally-out. Troops use siege towers very inefficiently, and also siege ladders (Fixed in 1.6.1) and attack castle gates one at a time (Fixed in 1.6.1). Artillery often hits allies while trying to hit enemies (Fixed in 1.5.10 and 1.6.1). Rams get in the way of troops (Fixed 1.5.9).
* SP Troop Trees: Too few troops have braced polearms. Half of the faction troop trees lack distinct strengths and weaknesses, meaning the experience of battling different factions feels too similar, as you don't need to change your tactics. Tavern mercenaries are way too weak.
* Prison Breaks: Should provide more reward. Need the ability to tell the prisoner to wait where they are (Added 1.6.1).
* Tactics are very frustrating to execute when your units chase after the wrong enemies when you want them to attack a specific enemy formation. Possible solution: Allow the player to order a formation to attack a specific enemy formation (many players have requested this).
The chance of AI nobles/companions dying in real (non-simulated) battles is too high (Fixed in 1.6.3).

Balding haircut options.
* Rain weather effects for scenes are built into the game but currently do not occur.
* Emblems on shields are off-centre.
* Displays of money should have commas to help read large amounts. Eg: 8,743,830 instead of 8743830
* Many town, castle, village, tavern, and field battle scenes are unimplemented. (Many added in patches 1.5.9 to 1.6.1)
* Music: Some situations lack music variety. Music can loop very noticeably.
* Unimplemented greeting/main quest voiceovers.
* Battle Ambient Sound System and Quad Ambiences improvements to sound system.
* Frequent sound for relation gain is annoying (Fixed in 1.6.3 by reducing frequency of emissary relation gain)
* Female NPCs look very strange when smiling (Fixed in 1.6.2?).
* Rulers of a faction do not wear royal-looking clothing, such as crowns for battle and civilian outfits (great models were added in patches 1.5.10 - 1.6.4)
* Some factions lack armor variety, particularly Aserai (Fixed 1.6.2)
* Upgrading large quantities of troops in the UI is irritating. (Fixed 1.6)

Various mechanics in the game are poorly explained, and could receive more information in the Encyclopedia.
* Steam Workshop support for modding.
* General bug/crash fixing. (Ongoing every patch - TW tracks bugs in this thread)
* Ranked matchmaking for Multiplayer.
* Improved voice chat for Multiplayer.
* Custom servers for Multiplayer. (Taleworlds have stated this will come post-release.)
* Performance improvements, e.g. memory leaks in sieges. (Ongoing - Major improvements in 1.6 and subsequent patches)
* Mod tools and their documentation need to be completed (improved in patches 1.6.1 - 1.6.4), and the modding community have requested the code to be more easily accessible (done in patches 1.6 to 1.6.4).
* Aesthetic customization system for Multiplayer (Added 1.6.2).
* Choosing which troops are used in Custom Battle (Added in 1.6).

Please note I do not understate how difficult some of these things are just because I only give them a single point. Also, while there is a lot of complaining here, there is a lot the community likes and appreciates about the game as well.


CATEGORY 3: New features needed to make existing features useful. (Mid priority)
There are multiple features in Bannerlord which don't have much reason for the player to use them. It's fair to assume that if you buy a game because of an advertised feature, in the game it should be something you want to do. Once Taleworlds has completed and polished the features which are supposed to be in the game, this should be the next priority- add mechanics which are needed to make existing features more useful.

* The beautifully detailed town scenes of Bannerlord lack gameplay reasons to explore them; about 1% of gameplay takes place there. Possible solution: Add gameplay activities which tie into the main gameplay loop and can only be done inside those scenes.
* Minor factions were said in devblogs to "have their own agendas that aren't part of the struggle for power" and do unique things. But in gameplay terms, they only work as roaming mercenaries. Minor faction troops are also under-used, even by their own factions. Possible solution: Create a unique quest for each minor faction which involves them acting as they were described to, and allows you to recruit minor faction troops as a reward.
* The heirs system is of little use to the player; if you have played long enough for your heir to take control, you've probably conquered most of Calradia anyway, and have no challenging enemies left to fight. Possible solution: Allow the AI to start civil wars in kingdoms which grow too large. This will give the player a source of enemies in the end-game, making the heirs system more useful.


CATEGORY 4: "Pet projects" and "Bonus features." (Low priority)
This category is for features TW is developing which were either requested by some community members, or which Taleworlds employees would personally like to see added, but which buyers were not given any reason to expect before they purchased the game, and so should be lower priority.
While it's appreciated by the community that TW are doing these, spending effort on these features means that features customers actually bought the game for get delayed.

* Battle Terrain system: Associating specific areas of the map with specific parts of a scene, so that the player loads into a battle scene based on where they were in the world map.
* Sally Out missions: Dedicated missions for charging out into a unique battle scene variant during a siege battle.
* Party Template system: AI choosing to hire a particular mix of troops for its party, based on that AI's personality traits and culture.
* Equipment, troop, and mount rewards for joining a faction for the first time (Added in 1.5.10).


@armagan @Dejan @MArdA TaleWorlds @elysebluemoon @Singil @uçanbiblo @SadShogun @Duh_TaleWorlds @lottendill @Callum
If I haven't caused offense, please feel free to use this roadmap as you wish. If 90% of this list can get completed, Bannerlord will be a truly good sequel to Warband, and though you can never please everyone, you'll please the vast majority of your buyers.
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After reading this book...I mean post I agree with most points.

Sadly TW will continue to ignore post like this. I hope you haven´t wasted that much time by writing this essay.


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"I don't feel like you're listening to me so I'm going to throw a wall of words at you"

It's like raaaaiiaiaaan on your wedding day...

....It's a free ride when you've already paid....


can't wait to see absolutely none of this list make it into the game


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I'm as pessimistic as you are at this point given the lack of communication, but if we don't try, why are we even here.
For the lols and the memes, and to see TW fail over and over again?

It´s like a seeing a car crash, I can´t just look away.

And there is some minimal hope left that things maybe will change...


Really well put together!

Unfortunately I have absolutely no faith in TW. You've put more effort into coming up with an organized strategy then they have


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I broadly agree. However, after a long time battling those windmills... I have to say that:

Oh my god, the memes. :smile: That's the real legacy of Bannerlord.
I sincerely hope the OP will get some kind of meaningful response ("tldr" "lol effortpost" are funny, but unbecoming), because he did the necessary work on behalf of the community.

This is another opportunity for Taleworlds to offer constructive engagement and say something like "thanks, we will look over the list, consult our secret roadmap, have an internal discussion over the list and we will let you know which suggestions are in our plans and which are not so you can color code them accordingly".
That won't happen. At best, Dejan will curate the list on his own and try to get them to discuss a limited number of features. The Committee for Rejecting Suggestions will tear his sub-list to shreds in a 15-minute session.
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This is another opportunity for Taleworlds to offer constructive engagement and say something like "thanks, we will look over the list, consult our secret roadmap, have an internal discussion over the list and we will let you know which suggestions are in our plans and which are not so you can color code them accordingly".


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While I applaud the OP and all the work that went into this tread I hate to say it but I think this is just wasted effort. People on these forums need to realize TW either doesn't really care or doesn't want to communicate with forum users. We've been begging for more info for a long time and they won't change now why should they, they have our money there's no need to change the status quo, and 1 or 100 posts isn't going to change how they operate.
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