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Community Chronicles

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WarhammerR said:
Waiting for in-depth analysis of OGL career.

Interesting. Hopefully with time this will become a treasure trove of information on the past of this community  :smile:
Sweet.  Remember, you still owe me an interview with one particular former Global Moderator who I will not mention by name but you know who she is.
WarhammerR said:
Waiting for in-depth analysis of OGL career.
I can provide some data.
OGL joined first Wolfpack_Siege on 09_13_12, 17:37:05

but I found the key moment of his career in server_log_12_18_12.txt
00:21:32 - OurGloriousLeader is kicked.
00:21:32 - OliESC_Xberg kicked OurGloriousLeader.
00:21:33 - OurGloriousLeader has left the game.
that's how it all began
Thanks a lot for all the support, means a lot. Especially some of you who have been true inspirations ever since I joined the scene. Even Brutus is still alive apparently  :party:

A lot of people also seem into hearing stories from the past, I hope not to disappoint as I am not really part of the oldest players but I am glad to see enthusiasm about it. For all of those who offered help, I will try to see how I can involve you with an article or interview on a subject you feel interested to talk about.

The idea is as much to develop this thread into sort of a corner next to the fire where people can listen to old stories, that to try and discuss our current community, how it's developing and how we can improve it moving forward. It might not be easy to find the perfect balance but that's worth giving it a shot.

The first article is still a WIP, I am away this weekend so if I cannot finish it this week, it should be posted at the beginning of the next one. The article is on its way but to give enough time to the people I want to have the input of, we'll delay the first article until the end of next week.
I've played from 0.35ish and never really delved into the competitive scene other than dueling but could give you a fairly solid overview of the past 8-10 years of M&B Multiplayer with 4-6k hours if you wanted to ask me over Steam any questions. Mostly knowledge of the rise and fall of M&B multiplayer mod communities.
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