Commons words from Freelancers' teamspeak

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Sergeant Knight
Ohh i forgot about some :

Sphere : Liiilllii!!!
Sphere : Watch out I'm shooting!!
Neathar: back in RNGD....  But in RNGD we did...  Oh when I was in RNGD we used
Dragz:*loud noises from a bird* seems like my bird doesn't like our tactics
Whole TeamSpeak: dede dedededededede(the chicken dance song)
Viktor and ncro: pleeaasseee staaaahp it


Sergeant at Arms
RD 5min before the match: Can we ****ing start?!

Zach: You guys can play sandi without me, I'm going for a smoke.. *coming back after the map* Did you guys win? Alright, cya, I'm going for a smoke then *leaving*

Magnus (from germany): What server are we playing on? *NC_DE_1* You must be freaking kidding me! I cant find stupid german servers....

RD or Mata does a headshot; Horace, Magnus, Anchor and Zach: Oooh...tasty

Ciiges (starting to list down his kills), Zach: Yeah, yeah you're good  mate...



buıʇʇǝs uoıʇɔǝɹıp ʞɔɐʇʇɐ
Guy Fawkes said:
i guess you wasted my one minute or even more fietta to make me read that bull**** doesnt include anything funny...

These are the quotes I found humorous. Thanks for your inadequate opinion.
Best Freelancer quotes:
Napo: F*** your fu***** drops 'towards ruskis'
Napo: Cav drop me an item
Rempica: I won cav duel against **** top tier cav, i am best cav
Zoyka: Look at my sick game 'lets entire team down'
Fietta: 'starts talking' Napo: Shut up you fu***** g*y sh**
Firunien: ' Smokes weed in background 24/7'
Sifon: 'towards rempica after losing 1v1' suka mraz obossaaaaaaaan
Bauglir: 'team kills me' WHAT HOW I DON'T UNDERSTAND
Prince: 'Plays Fiettas favourite game'
Achto: I sorry
Bruce: 'Struggles to say a word in English without slobbering all over his keyboard'
Rempica: 'Every one is on ECS DE 1' I am on ECS DE 3 there is no one here
These are only a few of Freelancers greatest quotes, couldn't do my own though so ye


Grandmaster Knight
RD in wonwokie teamspeak: Oh my f***ing god guys, i can't play with this ping. (has 48 ping)

got nothing else....
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