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Cookie Eating Huskarl said:
JaredThinks said:
Why does the game freeze when I try to start a new game?  Custom battles are working.
Long loading time. Try waiting for about 5 minutes. It still takes a few minutes for me even with a superior rig.

Hm, I will give it another 10 minutes this time.


Hey, I love the mod but I was wondering if there is a way to disable companions interacting with each other. I always hate having to deal with their bs lol. Asides from that and some minor bugs this mod really is the tits. Keep up the great work!!!


I'm sick of waiting, I've amassed all the power I need.

Here's a good summary of what I've attained so far.

- 50,000 mon + 30,000 more in the bank
- Enterprises in 20 towns
- 1500 troops to my name spread out over 2 towns + reinforcements to three of my faction's castles + 130 strong Warband.
- 130 strong Warband with all companions + 100% Hatamotos from 7 or 8 different clans. Rainbow of Death assembled.
- A powerful player faction with 2 towns, 6 castles and 14-15 or so villages.
- 9 lords, all loyal, all have land, will answer the call to war.
- An extremely powerful player character with the best armour in the game + an ultra-rare Masterwork War Yumi and 104 War Arrows (full archer baby!) to go along with it.
- Companions are now *almost* back at their full glory - nothing can replace Yoshio, Youmu, Gonnosuke and Tojiko's fighting prowess, but the INT companions all have level 8 or 9 in respective skills.
- Companions are also using the very best gear they can use, all have General's Kozane armour if they can wear it + other armour items + top end weapons.
- 100 (MAX) RTR
- A lady or two with a disposition >0 - I can give money to my lords to stop them from getting pissed off at me.
- All of my border castles are now well protected - the Date can not launch nasty counterattacks to grab MY land instead.


Most importantly. I'm sick of the Date, my immediate neighbours, who are mercilessly stomping the Hojo, and what's left of the Satake, and getting even MORE land for themselves.
It's time to act.

It'll still be difficult though. The Date have like 5 or 6 towns at this point and they're actually the strongest faction in Japan. If I stand any chance of victory, I need to destroy them now.

Let the bloodshed begin.


Somewhat related, I need to find a way to be a warlike ******* without arousing the ire of my vassals, who proceed to like me less when I randomly declare war.

My brain shall be hard at work!

Here my set up

250,000+ mon
enterpises in every town
27k+ in all towns and castles
1,243 strong in army
4 towns 10 castles 25 villages
4 lords 2 lady  all loyal
all border heavy def hojo clan take out date and 2 other clans with my help


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Orchid said:
Interesting! Will give this a go as soon as possible.

It's absolutely worth it, trust me! The only thing that annoys me in Gekokujo is the lag at campaign map (it annoys me a lot to be honest). Unfortunately there's propably nothing to do about it.


I'm optimizing it as best as I can -- startup and campaign map. I am making some progress, but I don't expect it to get as smooth as native


I am going to download this... looks awesome!

However, I just noticed my steam version just auto-updated to my warband to version 1.158, anyone know if this mod is compatible?
I don't know what happen but now I can't load the game and when I have download it again I keep getting the same thing

Unable to open File: CommonRes/weapon_meapon_e.brf and I also get can't load grass


Since no-one replied.. just letting people know that I am about 45 days into this mod with WB veriosn 1.158 and doesnt appear to have any crashes.. I did encounter a script error once or twice in red text but doesnt appear to harm the game yet...forgot what it said but if it comes up again I will post it here. :smile:


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I get this error sometimes. I'm on the latest patch and the latest version of warband. It seems to happen randomly and at varying times. I don't know what triggers the error.


One thing I've noticed about this mod is that morale is completely jacked up. I have 10 leadership, and I am 50 troops below my max and I am losing 2-5 morale per day... instead of gaining morale as I should be.  Adding up all the morale from all the modifiers on the "Party Morale Report" screen shows that I am at +80 total morale but it is still dropping like a rock...


RoboSenshi said:
I get this error sometimes. I'm on the latest patch and the latest version of warband. It seems to happen randomly and at varying times. I don't know what triggers the error.

Ah, that's the exact red text that I talked about... its showing up more often now. Still I gotta say this is the smoothest running mod I've ever played.. I'm at nearly day 100 and with other mods I would have had a CTD by now. :smile:

On another note, I really love how you did a homage to the Touhou series by including its music and characters. Not sure if the music fits especially in battles especially with the electric guitar version of Alice's Doll Judgement theme rocking on but is interesting I must say to the least...


Trust me, when you're on max difficulty, and you've built a really powerful player character for yourself with high stats, weapon proficiencies and the best gear and you're just carving swathes through literally dozens of enemies in a single siege battle - the music becomes seemingly more and more appropriate :razz:

Samurai death metal ftw.


Speaking of siege battles... I managed to successfully "declare war" on the Date.

It was actually rather easy. I didn't even have to declare war at all. All I did was tax one caravan, then after that, because my disposition with the Date was at -1, I was immediately able to rally all my lords and lay siege to Yonezawa.... without declaring war beforehand.

It was amazing. It took the Date completely by surprise, and my 700 strong army was occupying Yonezawa literally only 4 hours (Sessai has 8 engineering) after I initially laid siege to it.

While I still had momentum on my side, I quickly found the Date marshal, Lord Katakura, and I intercepted and captured him.

The Date couldn't organise any kind of effective response to me after that. Their warbands scattered away from us, and I just looped straight to Sendai - and took that town on the first push too.

I also had another element of luck on my side - the Date were already in a brutal war with the Hojo, and I saw two Hojo lords roaming around trying to burn Date villages. They severely weakened the Date before I struck - I launched my attack as soon as I saw theirs, basically.

Here's a look at the political map as of now - I'm red, the Date are grey, the Hojo are brown and the Satake are green;


In the first image you can see I've taken Sendai and Yonezawa, but Ichinoseki Castle still belongs to the Date. This is good and bad in two ways:
1: I've effectively split the Date forces into two groups - the people north of Yonezawa and Sendai, and the people south


Right now, the Date are also trying to take back Yonezawa. My next course of action should be to crush that attack.
Say hello to my army!
Lord Oba is the one next to me with 215 troops. I don't know WHY he's so awesome, but he looks like one of those epic marshal-grade lords that you're supposed to give all of your fiefs to because they have amazingly high renown and good stats, and lead around several hundred men by themselves.

We're all a bit beaten up right now (besieging towns might SOUND easy, but they DO have massive garrisons after all), so after we beat back the Date and go take Ichinoseki Castle I think I'll call off the campaign and call it a day!
What's the next move, get lord Oba alone to follow you into battle while the rest of your lords regenerate troops, then do a tag team switch once most of them have near 100 troops and grant lord Oba his leave?
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