MP Musket Era Commander Battle AI For Napoleonic Wars [OSP]

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Commander Battle AI:

Hey, i am making a small mod for adding the AI for commander battle in Napoleonic Wars,here is the plan:
(-p: plan; -i: implemented;-d:doing)
First Stage: Add bots to commander battle -i
Second Stage: AI will lead the regiment by following tactics -d
Third Stage: Each kind of regiment have their own tactics(including artillery and rocket) -p
Fourth Stage: Custom Battle will also have AI -p
Fifth Stage: Siege AI -p
Sixth Stage. Player also can recruit regiment lead by Ai -p
Change Log:
First Stage(Update Versioon)<Pre-alpha>:
AI can spawn regiment(randomize) in cb mode

First Stage:
Can spawn bots in cb mode



Download: Credits:
冥界行者 - 骑射AI的研究
Rubik - Custom Commander Horse Speed (From Custom Commander OSP)
A script from Brytenwalda OSP
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