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I play this game since early access release and I love it (832 hours)
I tried singleplayer but I mainly play multiplayer. Loved captain mode and siege.

Last year we had -in my opinion- perfect command keybindings, for captain mode (and obviously for SP too).
Then they have been pretty much messed up. You tried to fix it with a patch from 18. january this year. On steam forum-discussions I tried to tell you, why it would be amazingly awesome if there would be an option to switch back to the very old command key bindings.
I will quote a few reasons why:

Still, the very old commands were much better. Thats why:
- Now you have to press F7 for telling them to look into a direction (key very hard to reach) [you also get no flag control icon on mouse cursor or troop formation preview if not actively selecting your troops, what u don't do in captain mode. Hard to be precisely that way].
- For telling troops to look to enemy direction again you still have to use the F3 toggle stuff (what is not really doable during the heat of a fight).
- F3 button now is totaly useless. Only needed for second command (eg F1-->F3 for attack) [Thats why you can't simply rebind keys and switch F3 with F7 e.g.].

Someone from TaleWorlds Community Team then told me that he would forward it to development team. Since then I'm not sure if it reached you. I can't find anything inside the known issues.

Will there be a tiny chance that we get this option inside the options maybe? Switching back to the very old command key binding I mean.
For a short staff response I would be very glad.

Since the keybindings have been changed in first time I didn't play captain mode anymore. I would really love to take a look inside this brilliant mode again.

Thank you for your attention
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