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Combat Suggestion

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Let me premise this thread by saying that I already enjoy Bannerlord's gameplay, especially combat. This isn't for the combat mechanics, but instead just a suggestion perhaps to the realistic mode to spice things up a bit. During combat, if you look at the bottom left corner the dev's have already introduced a system that displays the location hit and the damage dealt and my brain got to thinking. What if that damage actually had an impact? What if you hit an enemy in the head with a blunt weapon and knocked him out for the rest of the fight. Perhaps a hit to the leg could cripple an enemy, leaving them slowed and unable to defend against heavy blows, or even a hit to the arm/hand causing the enemy to drop their sword. This is probably already being added in which is why the combat log is a thing, but just in case it's not here's an idea :smile:


Think this would get too complicated.
But at some degree such realism could work.
So hits to the arms should cause less damage then hits to the body,
but despite of this hits to the arms should interrupt attacks easier.
But knocking down should work better with hits to the body (and legs).
And blunt weapons should be good for both, interrupting and knocking down.


I don't know, maybe it would depend on the way it gets done.
Because there is already locational damage, and there is interruption with treshhold.
And also stun, bash and knockdown.
So if 3 kinds of damage would get calculated and several multipliers applied, then maybe.
But if it's like comparing damage to locational treshholds, maybe not.
So let's say a hit to an arm interrupts always the action with that arm (but not the other->shield/weapon),
a hit to the head always any action (regardless of damage),
but otherwise there should be treshholds (a harder hit to an arm would also interrupt any action).
And these could vary by damage type and location...
And a stun could make an upgraded interruption, maybe if got hit for 50 points or so,
or longer stun if hit for 80 - and on the head it's lower.

And then for bash and knockdown just the unmodified damage is used, without armor calculation.
But the treshholds vary by hit-location and damage-type.
So why should cut-damage cause bash, the energy should go into the body ?
O.k., then just say 100 points unmodified cut-damage to the body-location would cause a bash,
because if someone survives this it's likely due to his armor,
so that absorbed energy can move him.
If this happenes to the leg it's a knockdown instead.
And let's say to the head it's also,
but there is a bash already at 75 damage.

About like thas, maybe that would't be so heavy ?
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