Unresolved Column formation breaks down at large numbers

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Summary: Large numbers of troops trying to get into column formation causes many troops to get stuck/left behind for a while.
How to Reproduce: Setup a large formation (I did it in custom battle) and tell them to get into column formation. At large numbers, many troops will have issues doing so/blob up
Media: Custom Battle demonstrating column delay (2.5 speed)
Version: e1.1.0.225190

I wanted to test out column formation with horse archers since it seemed like an ideal way to get an impressive cantabrian circle strategy going, so I loaded up a custom battle with a bunch of them plus some normal cav (about 160 horse archers, 90 cavalry). As I demonstrate in the video, as soon as I call for column formation with the large mass of horse archers following me, a large chunk of them just stops in a big ball which occasionally spits out a few horses into the column. I'm not sure if the get stuck due to trouble calculating where they need to be at large numbers, or by design (wait until it's "your turn" to jump into the column; eventually, everyone would start moving, as happened here, but not for some time and not before getting charged by the enemy). If the latter, maybe it's possible to have everyone start moving at once but slow down to varying degrees to reach their intended spot. That way there wouldn't be troops needlessly becoming sitting ducks.

I also tried directing them to a specific position in column formation, and they struggled similarly.
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