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Need More Info Colourful dust/smoke bug

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I've been getting this weird bug where there's red/green/yellow dust/smoke below peoples feet, while it looks nice, it's not practical and really annoying

Maps I get this issue on:
- Current TDM map
- Small green village Skirmish map (the one that's not that great for cav and you can walk/spawn inside the castle)

I don't have this issue on:
- Current Siege map
- Market & Desert Skirmish maps

Things I've tried doing to fix it with no success:
- Maxing and lowering the graphics
- Click every box in the performance area off/on
- Verifying cache
- Reinstalling game

I played in beta and never had this issue, but have had it since day 1 of EA. None of the patches or workarounds I've tried have fixed it. :sad:


I still have the same issue. Haven't seen it in cities or sieges but it does happen in the arena.
Tried every graphics setting, nothing helps.

I run on a i7-7700k with a GTX1080.


This is actually on Single Player, but found this report in the multiplayer that was similar so I posted here to minimize the threads
Summary: I have a similar problem. Its worse on some grass maps for me - the green dust and scrubs + trees make it almost impossible to see half the battle.I first saw it in the Aserai desert area and it actually seemed realistic there, but why would there be green smoke in the forest? It kicks up from unit's feet. If it was hazy / foggy that would be an interesting tactical obstacle (like hiding in morning fog), but this is just weird.
How to Reproduce: Its not always ridiculously thick - not sure if it is related to time of day
Location/Settlement: Battlefields - seems worst in the one where you start with a river with rocky banks and the wooden bridge over it.
Community Made Mods: None
Media: Version: Beta e1.4.1, was also in 1.4.0
Computer Specs:
Windows 10 64-bit
Nvidia 1070 8GB
Ryzen 5 2600x
OS on SSD, game on HDD
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