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Before I start making more guides, I'd figure I'd put down a list of the guides/discussions I've found so others can use them.  Some of these might be out of date, but there's still good information contained within. 

Game Manual  To get the file saved, either right click>"Save Target As" or click link and save file while in Adobe Reader.
Trait List and Requirements
Companions Detailed
Companions Brief
Battery Skill versus Deployable Cannon
Repairing during battle Brief
Playing as an Escaped Convict Brief
How to survive being absolutely dead broke and enslaved
Morale and food
Dealing with Ship Fires
Guide for Trading via Clerks
Best Known Trade Routes
How to hire Crew and Soldiers

Faction Units and Upgrade Trees
List of Buccaneer Units and short description of their upgrade tree
List of Brotherhood of Seas Units and their upgrade tree (Brotherhood Faction)
List of Prisoner Units and their upgrade tree ("Common" Faction)
List of English Units and their upgrade tree (English Faction)
List of Spanish Units and their upgrade tree (Spanish Faction)
List of Dutch Units and their upgrade tree (Dutch Faction)

Snowbird Mini-Guides
About missions
Blackjack and Hookers
Faction Control
Economy and Business
Slavery and Escape

Snowbird Video Guides
Naval Sieges / Assigning Governors to Owned Towns: Dev Video Blog 5

Military & Trading Ranks / Customs & Smugglers / Mercenary Recruitment / Quests / Professional Soldier Recruitment / Naval Battles (Continued): Dev Video Blog 4

Land & Sea Army Battles: Dev Video Blog 3

Trading & Manufacturing / Naval Battles: Dev Video Blog 2[url][url]][url]][url][url]]][url][url]][url]][url][url][/url][/url]