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Behaviour Guidelines
Our community is composed of players from all around the world, with different backgrounds, living in different environments. If we wish to play the game in a manner that is fun and not toxic to yourself or the fellow players around you, we all have to contribute our part.

That is why we ask all the community members to read and follow the guidelines written below.

Apply fair play to everything you do in-game. Don’t use third-party hacks or exploits.

Bug Abuse
Don’t abuse bugs or glitches that affect the game outcome, instead report them here.

Communications Abuse
Respect fellow players
. Treat people how you want to be treated. There’s no excuse for in-game harassment, offensive language, hate speech, threats or bullying in any shape or form. The TaleWorlds community accepts and welcomes everyone, no matter their colour, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Inappropriate Gameplay
Don’t troll by abusing in-game features to limit other players’ gameplay or inhibit their ability to win. Sabotage of any other form with the intention of losing the game is also not allowed (for example, blocking doorways or ladders).

Team-kills/hits can occur in the heat of the game and are understandable while accidental. Excessive team damage and intentional team kills/hits aren’t permitted.

Leaving the game/AFK
Do not disconnect, leave the game, go AFK, refuse to play in game modes which require your active participation to establish a fair playing environment. We understand that various offline events can interrupt your gaming session but don’t make it a habit.

Not every instance is listed above, apply common sense and act responsibly. Note that we can change these guidelines at any time.

Player Reporting
We’re all part of the same community and it’s up to us to make it welcoming, sustainable and fun. You can do the most by following the guidelines yourself and showing respect to fellow players. If a player acts against the behaviour guidelines listed above, you can report the player directly in-game via the leaderboard UI [TAB], and then right-click on the player.

The support team will handle the reports in a timely manner, acting where necessary. They have access to in-game logs and other player information that allows them to act with confidence.

Please note that mass reporting fellow players, abusing the report system for reasons not listed in the behaviour guidelines, isn’t appreciated and will result in a penalty.

Remember that you can mute players in-game by yourself as well if you don’t appreciate their communication.

Acting against the behaviour guidelines explained above can result in a penalty. The length and type of penalty depends on the severity of the offence, number and severity of previous offences and other factors.

The action taken is decided on a case-by-case basis after internal evaluation. The possible actions are the following but not limited to:
  • Global Mute: Prevents all text and voice communication.
  • Ban: Prevents access to all multiplayer services.
  • Removal from all of our platforms (forums,...).
Remember that acting against the guidelines, just because another person decided to do so, doesn’t absolve you from your actions. Follow them, encourage others to do the same and report unwanted behaviour.
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