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Coat of Arms - Medieval time realism

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Hello there,

Cause it was so enjoyable to play for 40hours, and with a lot of ideas that appears to make that game better and better, I decided also to post one of them.
Because I'm very interested in history, and because i like to add depth in all the way i can, i would have love a simple option that can hoist a lot the creation of banner and add history fact to the faction and personal history of the hero of the player.

It's about the title said the coat of arms. That subject was a really important matter in the middle ages. Since a lot of material sported them, and it gives also precise indication of the history of the family/dynasty/clan etc. even a personal event could result of an add to the family banner, in fact it was time after time a real art to be capable of reading the banners of the lords, and all the details had their own signification.

You can see nowadays the citys conserve their own coat of arms, and of course it gives honour and proud to defend the armoiry and also the motto of the clan.
Those two aspects are of a great importance and don't take so much in my view to be added to the game.
Thank you for you reading,, stay at your disposal to share my view on that subject or give detailed arguments.
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