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Coalition of Rangers Elite [CORE]

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Core Dioxas

Welcome to the CORE
"Rangers Lead the Way"

The Coalition of Rangers Elite, AKA CORE, are a group of soldiers hailing from many different countries. They have come together to form a company of mercenaries that values loyalty over gold. Not Selling their rifles to the highest bidder they fight for those who have earned their respect and loyalty. Not fighting for their own benefit but for those who can't fight for themselves and in the Queen they have found this.

The company follows a loosely based ranking system led by the Company's Commander, Robbin. He was a former skirmisher officer in the French Army and the group's Major, Danger. Was a former artillery officer in the French Army. These two decided to form this group after witnessing the brutality of war that comes from fighting for a tyrant. The group that they created is a band of brothers where anyone may speak their mind NOT a strict regimen.

Having a deep history as the CORE formed let's start from the beginning when they belonged to the 53e. Being known for their fierce charges as Line and the accurate snipes they obtained as Skirmishers the reputation of the 53e was climbing fast. As all good things come to an end and the leadership decided to move on to form the BVE with remnants of the KH. After coming together BVE skirmishers formed a stronger group of sharpshooters. Trading leadership allowed everyone to gain experience in this group as well as improve the bonds they already had. Once again though it was time for them to move on and the now Leaders of the CORE decided to form their own group.

They call themselves rangers because of their exceptional skill at arms at combat which include, Artillery, Skirmishing, Cavalry, Light Infantry, or Line Infantry. The Company follows one rule on the battlefield, "Rangers Lead the Way". When not on a combat mission the group commonly gathers at the Broken Rifle Inn to tell stories of their exploits and to gather for a last meal before heading off to battle.

Info about the QRA​

[size=14pt]The CORE decided to join up with the Queen's Royal Army after discussing about whether the values held in the army stays true to the CORE’s beliefs. Quickly after joining, the CORE was accepted with open arms by the leader of the QRA, Copot. Working together with other regiments that include the 17th, 12thRID, 35th "Dorsetshire", and the 1st Posen Field Artillery Regiment, we marched onto the battlefield upholding the beliefs of the Queen as well as our own.
For More Information about the QRA, please add [QRA] Major General Copot on steam.

Core Dioxas


Colonel Robbin: “Rising from the ashes of the 53e Leadership the CORE formed as a group who play Mount & Blade among other games. Im proud this group of Friends care and help each other outside as well as in the game. I am even more proud to call every member of the CORE my Friend after having played with them for years now!”

Major Danger

Captain SovietYoda

Lieutenant Fathlete

Ensign Dioxas: “I love the CORE, the people in it make Events fun for me who had lost the drive to continue playing.”

Serjeant Major Baron

Serjeant Falty

Corporal BigMorningWood: “What I like about the Core is that it is small and fun, pure and simple.”

Corporal Dead

Lance Corporal RadRussian


-Queensman- Monteh
-Queensman- ShellShockM3

-Grenadier- Karl
-Grenadier- Thor
-Grenadier- Shad0w632

-Fusilier- joecool
-Fusilier- Pontic
-Fusilier- Destroyer

-Private- Vigrwulf
-Private- JacksonRed
-Private- TotalWar
-Private- BobaFettyWapp
-Private- Eco
-Private- BannaBoye
-Private- Dohknuts
-Private- Walrus
-Private- Hanayo/Oscarnout
-Private- Matiashogden

-Recruit- Ragnar
-Recruit- Beefie
-Recruit- F. Monkey
-Recruit- Theodore
-Recruit- Sirius

Event Schedule

Monday: Linebattle


Wednesday: Training

Thursday: Free

Friday: QRA Army Linebattle

Saturday: LineBattle

Sunday: Sunday Siege
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