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I know Single player is having all sorts of problems and I know its EA and all but!!!! This I hope is still a possible feature down the road as a patch or even a DLC id gladly pay for a DLC to have Co-op I have tons of friends who want it and are waiting for it to happen.

So I been watching videos and I watched my brother stream his game for me to watch while my game downloads. And so I saw that you have a family and a brother who travels with you I know he leaves after you finish the tutorial buuuut I see Coop in this situation.

I just wanted to know if anyone else get coop possibility vibes with the brother showing up in the Character creation portion of the game. God knows why but I am really feeling coop will be possible soon for Bannerlord!! I am hoping that if there were an option that when it came to coop u join your friends game and he creates his Character and you join in as the brother that would be amazing so instead of the brother leaving he stays in party for player 2 to play as.

Now I know there are alot of single player leets who would bash this idea saying it would take away from the game but obviously I would disagree and would hope since im posting in the MP section of the forum that id find like minded fellows about the idea of coop.
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