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WAIT ! before you say not agian, go search for other topics about co-op
now, warband is fun, but co-op would be insane, ive read other topics about co-op and it is imposible(what they said)
but, someone hosts local server, with all ai partties and stuff with one playable party, the leader, maybe the guy we logged in first or i dont know, maybe most level
and then you guys implement freelancer, those who join will play freelancer for their friend, coz i would really like to play for my friends party just 2 show him his useless xD

now can the creators of freelancer please tell me that this would be impossible, it might be possible or we are creating this

ps if such thread was already made with this freelancer mod, please give link and then ignore this thread, coz i didnt find anything, coz i really like freelancer xD

(sorry for the over use of coz)