LSP Sci-Fi 3D Art Clothing - jackets, vests, and boots

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Grandmaster Knight
This is a resource of clothing models and textures that were originally created by TakiJap, Geroj, and The Happy Stormtrooper for the Star Wars: Conquest
mod. There are many generic outfits that include models such as:

Moderation: Please gain the permission of everyone involved for commercial purposes. Everything else can be considered OSP.

TakiJap models
Open Jackets
Closed Jackets
Open Vests
Closed Vests
Armor with ammo belt
Slim Boots

Geroj models
Female Jackets
Baseball Caps

The Happy Stormtrooper models
Female Outfits

Note: Many of these could also be re-textured further to create more variations.  If anybody creates new textures and wants to send them to me I will include them in this download.

Download -

            Closed Jacket Examples                                                                          Open Jacket Examples

            Closed Vest Examples                                                                            Open Vest Examples

            Other Examples

                Boot Examples

            Texture Examples


Knight at Arms
Cool, I'm sure lots of people will be able to find uses for this in more of the present day and futuristic mods.

Good job!


Grandmaster Knight
FYI - I updated this OSP pack to include some new models that TakiJap, Geroj, or The Happy Stormtrooper have created for the Star Wars mod.  Some random examples below:



I really want to use this OPS pack (of course I'm gonna place the original makers of it in credits to honor their great work) but download link doesn't work :sad:
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