Clone - Freelancer bug?

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I got cloned into several lords armies that i joined, these armies can never lose after losing all their men because i seem to be cloned with them. Is there any way to avoid this bug, it has ruined several play throughs.

any help would be appreciated


I don't know why nobody ever answered you, it seems the mods/admins are MIA. But I have played this mod a ton and never had any problems with clones. Are you using a mercenary function or something? This is known to be bugged code -- also in Perisno, etc. I suggest just not using whatever feature makes you join an army, iirc I saw something like "join as a samurai retainer"? is that it.. well don't do that.

edit: I just read your thread title lol-- yes -- Freelancer-- it's bugged, it's always been bugged it's bugged in several mods-- don't use it.
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