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Very often it is unreasonably vague and unpredictable if an allied party will join in on a fight against an enemy. Both their exactly proximity needed to join you and their intention is not displayed. Something like an Icon or arrow pointing to indicate an ally in proximity WILL attack an enemy when you do would be a very reasonable addition. For the player, many times small vassal parties will ride ahead of you and attack much larger enemy parties, because they assume (you have no way to tell them otherwise or control them) you will attack too just because of your proximity. So there is some way the AI can know this: they know when you can and can't attack. Likewise , the enemy knows when you have an ally that will join you and will stop chasing you. But this information is not given to the player is any useful, dependable way. The visual appearance of "close enough" is not reliable. For now, I recommend just saving your game before attempting a joint attack and re-loading if it doesn't occur, but many players like to play in iron man and cannot do this. Please consider making a useful display of this information for the player.
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