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These two guys attacked me today while I was buying armor and weapons. The another guy loading the crossbow is Gothic_Talas

Again got randomed:
This guy randomed hard today, earlier he killed me and another outlaw

Some commoners and KingKong attacked without reason
Those Vinces Teutonic Order guys didn't involve in this situation



  Ahaha ..  Your screenies with Cbur/Jackie-Chan/Ice-Cube made me laugh XD
You should make a little group for kill them.
Is the KOS on outlaw is deleted now ?


I think so, just have to wait till they get themselves banned through screenshots or admin action in game.


deadeye238 said:
smurfin said:
So is anyone actually going to do anything about the evidence? Or can you not watch/ban them without them being in-game?

Splintert said:
to be blunt, you were randomed once and broke the NLR by returning to where you died.
Was that post intended for me or andras? Because I didn't break nlr.

    Well I have no idea what Smurfin' is saying about me and NLR.... What was it that Splint said that had to do with me? I missed it bigtime....
No I wasn't saying you were a nlr breaker at all I just have no clue who that message was intended for. But if it was intended for me I sure as hell didn't break nlr and go back and get whatever I had I merely took screenies of two notorious randomers that other people had been complaining about and If the rcc doesn't want to deal with it then its their lose.
Also all of those photos I took were one life not two I can see where you would think that, it only looks like that because of the way I uploaded them.


    Sorry Smurfin' I am more lost than you are. Dropping it all now!

Brigands with hoods are still KoS correct? I am sure they have not changed it already?


    Get an image shack and put your images up there... Then use the direct link URL in its info window, then paste it in the


I would like to report 2 randomers. I got randomed quite alot as an outlaw today, and ended up with a 0-8 KD ratio, without ever even attacking someone. All i had to do was to walk up close to someone, or just stand outside a gate saying "Hail" in order to get stabbed and poisoned, shot or slashed.

It is clear that the message that "Outlaws are NOT KoS" havn't gone through, and i wasn't able to get close to ANY castle or even cross a field without having some nugget attack me.

Even when playing as a peaceful sailor, i got killed because of the "Outlaw" tag. All i did was transport serfs across the river when a guy wielding a morningstar jumps on, takes the rudder and kills me.

Admins, you should start kicking people that random and later excuse themselves that they "didn't know". After all, they cost me all my stuff (and lockpicks are expensive and damn rare) and it's not more than fair that the punishment should be that THEY loose all their stuff. Perhaps that should atleast force them to take a second thought before randomly stabbing a guy.

You should kick /temporarily ban them with the words: "Go read the rules on the Forums, come back when you have done so".

As of today, i tried to tell people over and over again that outlaws were NOT kill on sight, and as i earlier stated, i wasn't able to get even CLOSE to a caslte without being attacked.

now, for the screenshot. I got randomed by quite alot of people, but i only got screenshots of these two. notice their defenses that i have pasted in to the pictures, where they state that "outlaws are KoS", even after me, and several others, repeatedly told them they are not.

1st randomer: 7e_Huss_Sdt_Ferdinand Killed me twice, even after i told him that outlaws are not KoS. He ignored me and all others that tried to tell him.

2nd randomer: Pinto this guy was obviously not very liked by the server and seems to have randomed quite alot of people, and refused to listen when about 5 people shouted that outlaws were NOT KoS. He said that i was a troll etc. read the pasted comments in picture 2 (they are from later, but i just shoved them into this pic).


Admins, you need to start taking care of randomers like this in a harder way. They make me loose all my stuff, and it's impossible to get anywhere, because i get killed as soon as anyone sees me. Right now, i get no compensation and the randomer goes away unpunished and can laugh at the money he stole from me.

Either kick them or fine them all their money. Randoming because you don't know the rules should not be an acceptable crime. And if they loose all their stuff because of a kick, then they have hopefully learned their lesson and they have to work to get their money back, just like i do.

I chose to become a brigand as to better get into the role of a Burglar and to allow people to RP with me in a better way. I have never attacked, or even robbed a guy since i became an outlaw.

Ps: Yes, i know i am not a nice person when i get randomed. But i have never been very tolerant to idiocy and i always try to RP atleast a little. So yes, i get easily pissed off. It's not a positive thing, i know. But i always get angry AFTER they kill me the first time, so they dont kill me because of it.
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