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So yeah, Vendetta got an idea to collect all TS3 from all active, existing clans. He made a topic in a general WFAS partition, and i'm bringing it to the holy land of Multiplayer. His topic was closed (or he closed it, not important, cuz most of us wouldn't see it anyway), idk exactly why - sort of misunderstanding maybe.

Our intention is to ask members of all clans not being on the list to write name of their clan and your TS3 adress. This request is pointed mainly to clans that don't have their accounts on

The list ofc will be edited, coloured etc. and these is version for today.

When ready, this topic should be sticky aswell (unless Mods don't give a damn about WFaS).

AK ~ :6310
_BoS_ ~
CHoHu ~
ChP ~
CuA ~
de_Gothia ~
Death Riders ~
EX ~
GC ~
Icaros ~
OwL ~ - does not exist anymore?
Paranormal ~ - does not exist anymore?
Rokoszanie ~
Stratioti ~
WRp ~
WS ~                       
T_A_H ~
_SL ~
SD ~
ST ~
Barabe ~
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