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I was thinking how to make the game world more alive and thought if the clans could feud with each other or make alliances or pacts . The kingdom work and we have peace and was but what if a family like or hated your family and there were in another kingdom. If the kingdoms went to war they may talk instead of battle or maybe if the hate your clan take you prisoner or execute chance could be higher. There could be chances for each clan to other smaller peace treaties to stop the feud between families. there could be hire assassins or invites to mini feasts arrange marriages. well this my thoughts . hope TW seen it. Love the 1.8 beta by the way great patch.
I disagree the npc's are very bland . Be nice if bannerlord added some more mechanics to bring life to the npc's make it more than a trade and battle sim. but each to there own.?


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I'd agree adding some variety is good but I don't see it happening. I think Taleworlds response, if you can get one, is either "it's too complicated" or "it's not our vision". This game has all the depth of a kiddie pool. ?
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