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they need to do something about the lord recruiting system in Warband they join on there on a wish and you have passebelati accept or decline
it's so hard to recruit clan step 1 you have to find leader all across the map step 2 you need to have million dinars bro it's so impassable and so hard don't u agree guys? so impassable to be king in bannerlord i am not angry or something just want the game to be fun and great @mexxico @MRay
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I agree. There should be a messenger system to send a request to meet them and also a request to directly hire a merc clan. A good trick is to track down a merc clan (or fief less normal clan) and be right next to them when you press "make kingdom" so you can add a few parties on the spot.

I also think there should be circumstances where clans seek you out or message you offering to join you.

Already the AI rulers get both merc and clans to join them via magical powers (they do it while everyone's in prison) and don't have to seek out anyone on the map.

And of course: Do faction rulers pay 200+K to the clans that join them? I don't know but they should have to if the player does.


We have a messenger system for ransoms now... sometimes they even show up directly after battle. It's great.

I'm definitely hoping for more of that kind of thing for accessing important game mechanics across the board...

E.g. when a mercenary faction goes off contract, maybe if the player is a king, they get a messenger pitching for work - "We're available for hire - call 1800-WE-KILL-4-U to book our services now"
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