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"A Knight of the Templar is truly a fearless knight, and secure on every side, for his soul is protected by the armour of faith, just as his body is protected by the armour of steel. He is thus doubly armed, and need fear neither demons nor men."
Bernard de Clairvaux, the Order's patron. 1135 AD

Hello, I'm new to posting on these forums, but I have been here for a jolly month now, watching as the M&B World goes round.

So what is this for my first post?
It is a topic that will be dedicated to a Warband multiplayer Clan that I founded three days ago.
If you can't guess from the title, it is primarily based on the Order of the Knights Templar, founded after the First Crusade of the Holy Land. You can call us "The Poor Knights of the Temple of King Solomon" if you really want to, but its better to leave it at Knights Templar.

The Clan tag is [TKT]
It is, for the time being, a very small and simplistic clan. No enemies or unease with any other clans, but, as history tells you, we are fundementally a fighting force. A quote, if I may:
"We are the elite's of this time. We do unto our enemies as the Lord does unto his. Never showing fear, or surrender, for we have the Lord on our side, and we do not need retreat - It is with the grace of God that we survive, and fight in His name." Sir Roger St. Leger, Master Templar 1216

Not to imply that our first appearance is that of War, but if the need arises, well...

Our clan will also make mods (More importantly, me.) based on both the Knights Templar, and the Crusades.

Those of you that wish to sign up, to feel "The glory and grace of the Lord's chosen" (James de Molay, 1297) and to "do unto our enemies as the Lord does unto his." may simply Sign up here, in this thread. Or alternatively, The clan website (Its finished!

Its a simple process, You ask kindly, giving a decent reason other than "I want to be in a clan!" and show your enthusiasm
If accepted into the order, you follow the Oath
Now, dont fret, this isn't the actual Order's Oath, you dont have to hand over your lands or money. (But you can, if you Reeeeally want to o.o)
Just follow these rules:
1: Dont retreat, dont surrender, dont back down from a fight
2: Defend your comrades as you would defend yourself
3: Equally, Fight with your comrades as you would defend them.
4: Follow the orders of your superiors

A good point made: I am situated in the EU, but US and non-EU may apply freely.

Not that I wish to go into too far detail. The website will do that for you.
Current Members:
[TKT]_Grand_Master_HaloSlayer  (Ignore my forum name.. HaloSlayer is my nickname on almost every game except Crysis and Age of Empires)
Gah! Those Hospatiliers have got nothing on the Order! We are far better trained and skilled than those.. "Soldiers"

Anyway: Finished the main clan site. link is in the Topic post
Ill joi the templars if Hulksmash declines my application to the i get bonuses if i join and become the first to join your order :grin:???


Master Knight
I'd just like to point out that in order of uniform badassery, from least to greatest;

Templars -> Hospitallers -> Teutonics

:neutral: although, of course, Arn: Knight Templar was a damned great movie.

I've not actually seen Arn..

But I agree, Teutonic Uniforms are quite awesome.


Actually, the Templars weren't that sinfull, afterall - they did the work of God. It was only after the crusades did france brand them heretics, and have them burned at the stake..

Luckily, There still around in Scotland..

@Unknown Assassin

Well, I like to be fair, so You would start the same rank as all initiates, untill you can show that you deserve a rank up of course.


Master of Templar, if that is your real name...(  :wink: )

I think instead of dividing more players between similar clans and warbands, how about you just Join The Kingdom of Holy Calradia?

Were somewhat crusader oriented, and most of our members have templar-themed profiles next to which you would fit in.
We're already an established clan, and we need all the members we can get, the link is in my signature.

Skot the Sanguine

Sergeant Knight
socks said:
I'd just like to point out that in order of uniform badassery, from least to greatest;

Templars -> Hospitallers -> Teutonics

:neutral: although, of course, Arn: Knight Templar was a damned great movie.

I knew there was a reason why I liked you Socks.

Nothing against the other two orders, but ya, Teutonics were the coolest (uniform and nationality  :razz:)

Anyway, best of luck with the clan!


Sergeant Knight
Meh, I like them all about equally.  And don't forget about the Knights of St. John red surcoats :smile:

Well master_of_pixels is our first Order member. He filled out the appropriate details on the website, and even applied to be a forum moderator.
I personally know him, so I can trust him as a mod.

Anyone else willing to sign up?
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