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Ehm is there actually still active clan battles on this mod?
I would like to join one if they aren't all dead :razz:


imTaco said:
Ehm is there actually still active clan battles on this mod?

Nooo... There are only saturday clan battles, nothing special, 100 vs 100 mostly. :sad:


Hofiko said:
imTaco said:
Ehm is there actually still active clan battles on this mod?

Nooo... There are only saturday clan battles, nothing special, 100 vs 100 mostly. :sad:

You forgot to mention lags, total chaos, and world war 1 trenched and static warfare..You can not miss that!!!


I never experienced any kind of lags on DOW. Chaos... Consider changing regiment then. :wink: And trenches are part of tactics. I enjoy those battles a lot, depends on map, but they are mostly epic.
I think he means chaos as in organising 200 people on a server. I've organised events of up to 100 people in the past and those numbers are more than enough hassle, let alone multiplying it by 2! It takes a lot of patience & a steady nerve to get those 200 people & the server ready for the fight, organised on their relevant sides & ready to roll. If you've never organised an event the size of these ones then don't complain about the chaos.


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The Army of Habsburg [Recruiting Anglo-speakers and Spanish people]


If you are looking for an active and serious group in The Deluge, don't look any more you've found it. 

We are an active group of The Deluge, we are disciplined and mature. We enjoy recreating the tactics of that period forming squares of pikes helped by musketeers. We have a Spanish regiment and  English-speakers regiments.

We are serious people but that does not mean that we have fun. Here you can find nice people who enjoys playing with other and who wants fight in glorious battles.

Our objective is to create a powerful and disciplined army who can fight together in a unique formation or each squad separated bringing support each other.

The Spanish Tercio trains every Saturday at 15:30 gtm and one Sunday each three weeks at the same time.

And the Mercenary Guild trains each Saturday

Just, enjoy:wink:

We participate in every battle and event that we can so you would never get bored  :wink:

You can contact in Taleworlds via pm or here:,221306.0.html

Or you can add us in Steam. Our users name are: TercioCartagena Capitán Michel or EF_General_Gustav





Trazer said:

Tercio de Napoles is always looking for news fighters to join to their formations, what are you looking for?

Tercio de Napoles esta siempre buscando nuevos combatientes que se unan a sus formaciones, ¿A que estais esperando?


im looking to join any clan that speaks english, my steam is Bloodbeag if you want add me. Id prefer it to be commonwealth or sweden, no tartar cavalry. I'd like a merenary one aswell.

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You want to join a warband of angry mercenaries looking for money in eastern lands? Want to join a big army made out of 4 different regiments? Then you are looking for us! We are the German Mercenary Hunters (,250608.0.html). We are part of the Brandenburg-Prussia Army, the biggest deluge army. And we organize and host the weekly event (,249460.0.html). If you are intrested in joining a English, Spanish, Polish or German Speaking regiment PM me!


Hi. I just got "The Deluge" to work today, and am absolutely loving the mod. I am look for a large regiment, with highly active players in it. I'm German, living in New Jersey, USA. I have no problem with EU times for events, I'm out of work currently, and literally have all day, everyday to play. I have a fascination with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the time, and would prefer a regiment for the the PLW. However, any regiment is good, as long as it has active players.

I do speak German. However, I moved to the US from Germany at a very young age, and my German was never fully developed (Needed to learn English in the USA), however I can have conversations, know commands and orders, etc. in German; I'll more than suffice in a regiment of a German speakers.

Thanks, and hope to hear from a regiment soon.



Hmmm, not particularly fond of melee based units, since my ping on every server is at least 120. How many people does the Pappaenheimer Kueriserre have?


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The Black X is a group of English speaking people who want to get together a group for Deluge.
We'll accept anyone who speaks/understands English and we will mostly play cavalry.



I'm thinking about making a naval only clan focused on reenactment of Polish Fleet from XVIIth century. I'm searching for serious, medium-active players who prefer atmosphere over frags. It would be awesome to use historical commands for canoneers etc., so I'm looking mostly for Polish speakers, although feel free to PM me if You are not Polish.


Robson! Our clan is a naval clan, all commands have some marine style, like "Hard a-port!" and "More starboard?", but, where is a little problem - we don't speak Polish ;(
Only Russian, if u speak russian - welcome!)
Looking to join a clan, that has good coordination and uses pike.and shot tactics, as well as guerilla tactics.
Like to play with halberds, bardiches and tebers. As well as pistols and hit and run tactics.
Teamspeak is not an option. Prefered languages are english and latvian.
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