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Has anybody else been having issues with clan members dying in battle even with the -100% campaign setting? For some reason it worked just fine until about 2 or 3 years into the game when I left a kingdom as a mercenary and it bugged. Now not only will my clan members die in battle, they apparently cannot become wounded at all and will always die when downed. Does anybody have a workaround for this either whether it be a mod, console command, or screwing around with the game settings?
Sounds like a bug. I have also noticed that minor faction lords seem to die very consistently in battle sometimes. I wonder if it could be a related bug to mercenaries leaving a faction, that they are somehow flagged differently and don't get the KO chance they should.

I would suggest finding a save and seeing if you can reproduce the clan member dying in battle and give that save with a bug report in the tech support forum.
I did some testing and I found out that my saves *after* I became a mercenary have the bugged death. It also only affects clan members within my party, not ones with their own party. Apparently none of my companions were downed in a battle as a mercenary so I didn't notice it.
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Today I did a little more testing and I've figured out what causes it. The Fortifying Tonic perk in the Medicine tree is what causes it.
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How did you get Fortitude Tonic? I'm interested in what game year(or days on save) you got 225 medicine and any outstanding ways you raised medicine?
I was like 3 or 4 years into the game and I had quite a bit of points into it. It raises pretty quick if you're in a lot of big battles or sieges. To test it though, I just used console commands.
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