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A clan leader is basically a king of a small family(If you think about it), so i think having options like controlling your parties, control the companions in your clan/siblings, assign guards, patrols, making a camp, and organizing it just like in Viking conquest i think it would be nice and would affect the gameplay a lot.

As of right now i feel like being a clan leader is nothing special, i can make parties that i can't control so they won't even help me when i need them the most and they take money from me basically a useless thing to do unless you have a kingdom and only then you can control them.. which is stupid in my opinion. it's like a mafia, would be weird if the people in the mafia won't listen to the boss right?
I can also make caravans, which is nice... i like that but.. i need more options if we could make ourselves a camp and build it just like in Viking conquest i think it would be very interesting, treating it like a village(Unless you belong to a faction which then you will have a castle or a town), other kingdoms can hire mercenaries from the clan for a good amount of money, we could do escort jobs for caravans, therefore, we have passive income, villages can ask for patrols and protection, for money and etc.

I think of a clan like as a mafia, however, once we belong in a faction it would be different(i have no idea how i am just suggesting things.)
what i am trying to say is, we need more options to do with our clans when we are independent, it would feel more realistic because if you think about it a clan is like a gang/a mafia under your absolute control.

What are your opinions about it?
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