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No, I didn't use any mods.


Background: I am with the Vlandians, have been for a while & just sort of expecting next time there's an opening at the top I'll be made king. We've taken over all but one Battanian holding, as well as a couple others. Our last war with the Battanians ended probably 3 to 4 days ago. When it ended, I talked to Aeron, who is his clan's leader. Every time I attacked him in war he started the conversation with 'hello friend' so I figured I should be able to recruit him. I was successful and it only cost a couple hundred thousand (since he didn't own any holdings). His party logo changed to our colors, and turned green (as friendly).

So...we just took Quayaz from rebels and the election over the new owner came up. I was surprised he didn't come up as a candidate, so I looked into it a bit.

Here's his encyclopedia page... It says he is king of the Battanians and head of Fen Giall (his clan). You'll note I am the first one on his friends list (Gerotheone).

Here is his clan's page... You'll note the clan logo colors don't match any of the kingdoms/empires. You'll also note it states he, as head of his 'clan' declares war on the Aserai a day after the peace declaration.

Here is the Aserai page. Note that it shows them at war with his clan.

I feel likely the clan recruitment mechanic is screwed up in this game. Earlier in the game I recruited a clan from the Battanians. They joined us and maybe a week or so later we declared war on the Battanians. The clan then rejoined the Battanians maybe half a day later. At the time I assumed it was because I wasn't ruler of the Vlandians, so I couldn't give them a holding (I usually give new clans a castle when they join us) but it irritated me that I spent a couple hundred thousand to get a clan to join us for a week. I also thought it odd that the Battanians would accept them back, since they had recently proved traitor to them.

So far I've recruited 2 clans to join us and spent over 400k (the first one, it was almost all my money) and neither of them joined/stayed with us . Kind of discourages me from recruiting anyone to join us and also means I shouldn't really try to help our kingdom expand, since we won't have the forces to defend it properly.

I'll try to upload a save.


I should also mention that although we've fought the Aserai at times, we weren't at war with them when I recruited him and haven't been at war with them since.

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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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