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We are the Haus von Zieten and emerged from the Husaren-Regiment Nr4 "Graf von Zieten", which was a regiment of Mount & Blade Napoleonic Wars. Our regiment was able to claim a place among the best cavalry regiments in the whole world for several years and was among the first class in the German-speaking area.

Now we want to continue our future in Bannerlord. Accordingly, our clan has a typical medieval design and represents the honorable Haus von Zieten!



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The most known representative of this noble family is of course Hans Joachim von Zieten. He was the most important cavalry general of Prussia and fought with great success for Frederick the Great in the Seven Years' War.

However, the noble house goes back even further in history. Around 1300 the first representative, Jacob von Zieten, was mentioned in a document. His family's estates were Dechtow and Wustrau in Brandenburg. In 1859 the family merged into the "Zieten-Schwerin" line after the two houses were married. No alive member is known anymore, which is why we want to keep the spirit alive in our clan. The coat of arms of the Haus von Zieten is known as the "Schwarzer Stamm" or "Roter Stamm".

Are you interested in fighting for the Haus von Zieten? Then get in touch with Graf Felix von Zieten or his vassals. Your service on our estate can begin immediately!


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- German community for Mount & Blade Bannerlord

- frequent multiplayer events and trainings

- own Teamspeak 3 server

- individual training

- competent nobles and administrators


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- copy of "Mount & Blade II: Banner Lord"

- headset and TeamSpeak 3 software

- motivation and discipline

- regular attendance at events and trainings



Oberhäupter des Hauses

I. Graf [Graf_Name_von-Zieten]
II. Baron [Baron_Name_von-Zieten]


III. Ritter [Edler_Name_von-Zieten]
IV. Junker [Junker_Name_von-Zieten]
V. Vogt [Vogt_Name_von-Zieten]


VI. Marschall [Marschall_Name_von-Zieten]


VII. Knappe [Herr_Name_von-Zieten]
VIII. Freibauer [Freier_Name_von-Zieten]
IX. Veteran [Vet_Name_von-Zieten]
X. Wache [Wache_Name_von-Zieten]
XI. Waffenknecht [WKnecht_Name_von-Zieten]




Graf Felix von Zieten

Baron Chri von Zieten

Junker Octanidas von Zieten


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