Unresolved Clan city shows prisoners in tooltip on map, no one in the dungeon

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No, I didn't use any mods.
Summary: Sandbox game v I am the ruler clan, sole clan, in a player created kingdom. I have clan cities which on the main map screen will show prisoners in them on the tooltip. Upon entering the city and going through menus 'Go to the keep' >>> 'Go to the dungeon' I will see portraits of captured lords. I am not able to interact with them here, no options available except encyclopedia. Upon going to the last menu 'Manage prisoners', where i expect to see my captured lords and number of prisoners per the tooltip, there is nothing.

Prisoners do end up in the dungeon and can be manged afterwards. My party members in my army place prisoners into the dungeon and are accessible by me. I can move them in and out.

How to Reproduce: I believe this situation of them being in the city but not accessible only happens when I attack a besieging army. I believe that the prisoners and prisoner lords that are awarded the militia and garrison end up in this prison that is not accessible by me. In my current save game there are prisoners and prisoner lords in cities of Ocs Hall and Ostican that are not accessible via 'Manage prisoners'. This makes sense because I have defeated besieging armies in these cities.

Have you used cheats and if so which: None
I have reproduced this many times now.
Possibly relevant facts: Sandbox. I am the ruler clan of a player created kingdom. I am the sole clan. I attack besiegers with an army.
Requirements: Your clan city is under siege. The besiegers have engaged the garrison and or militia.
How to: Attack the besieging army and win.
Consequences: Any prisoners and prisoner lords taken by the garrison and or militia are not accessible in 'Manage prisoners' menu. Prisoners taken by you or your army are treated normally. The exception is that prisoner lords captured by the garrison or militia may be freed by entering the dungeon walking to them and setting them free in conversation.


Also having this issue. Npc lords are being taken prisoner by militia and kept in party of militia and not transferred to npc castle/town. They are then completely inaccessible and will remain a prisoner even after peace with the npc faction that captured them.

I am using encyclopedia extender mod, I don't think the mod is causing the issue but it is revealing the issue by telling me the lord is a prisoner of militia.
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