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Civil War Wednesday [Cancelled]

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Civil War Wednesday

Wednesdays at 8:30pm EDT


Admins: 5arge, Deofuta, and Heinrich

This weekly line battle is open to public players and N&S regiments by invitation only. The server will be passworded, and only public players in TeamSpeak will receive the server name and password once the event has begun. Pubs should join the "Public Regiment" channel where they will be given instructions. Public players who arrive late and miss the short training period may be denied the password. Regiment leaders will receive the server name and password via TeamSpeak in the Line Battle Administration channel. One skirmisher, cavalry, and artillery unit will be allowed per faction. We will be playing best of three rounds on three different maps. Please remember that North & South is still currently in development and this event will use the latest version of the alpha.


If your regiment is on the Guest List and you would like to apply for a special position (artillery, cavalry, or skirmishers), send 5arge a PM in the following format:

In the subject, place "[Role] Application for [Date]" ( For example, Skirmisher Application for 4/20/12 )

Role Desired:
Number of members:
Previous Experiences:


Please familiarize yourself with the event rules. Violators may be slain with no warning.

General Expectations:

-Officers and NCOs are responsible for enforcing the event rules within their ranks. Failure to do so will result in the entire regiment being punished.

-All regiments must agree that they understand and intend to follow the event rules before they are allowed to attend.

-Violation of any written event rule may result in an automatic slay. This is your warning.

-If either side has 3 soldiers or less alive, the rules governing combat may be ignored in order to expedite an end to the round.

-Postponing defeat will result in an automatic slay.

Guidelines for Infantry and Skirmishers:

-Infantry may fight in a single rank regardless of numbers and crouch at any time.

-Skirmisher units may never exceed 15 armed soldiers (one officer and sergeant do not count toward this total unless they pickup a rifle).

-Soldiers should only fire their rifles or pistols while in a properly spaced line formation (skirmishers must use a 2 rank skirmish line).
              -"One space" is the width of your avatar on screen
              -Infantry should have less than 1 space between them
              -Skirmishers may have up to 5 spaces between them
              -Lines should be dressed to fill gaps as they take casualties
              -Anyone who fires out of formation and scores a kill may be immediately slain, and then slain again at the start of the following round
              -Persistent firing out of formation may result in a temporary or permanent ban

-Infantry and Skirmishers may not have spaces between them when firing from behind hard cover (walls, fences, earthworks, barricades, reverse slopes, etc.)

-If only 2 men remain in a line, they must immediately join a friendly line OR charge directly toward their enemy into melee.

-If troops enter a building, only Skirmishers may fire freely. Infantry must form proper formations of at least 3 men if they wish to fire a rifle.

Guidelines for Cavalry:

-Cavalry units may never exceed 15 soldiers (one officer and one sergeant do not count toward this total).

-Cavalry may fire from horseback, but must be in a line as with Infantry.

-Unhorsed/dismounted Cavalry are considered Infantry.

-Cavalry must stay together and fight as a cohesive group. Lone cavalry who are fighting far from the rest of their unit may be slain for ramboing.

Guidelines for Engineers:

-Infantry and Skirmisher regiments may have 1 Engineer in their unit.

-Rifle armed Engineers are considered Infantry.

Guidelines for Artillery:

-Each faction is allowed 2 guns (cannon, howitzer, or mortar). They may not have 2 of the same type of gun.

-Each gun can have a crew of 3 Artillerymen and 2 Bodyguards.

-Artillery Bodyguards may choose Infantry or Engineer classes.

-Artillery Bodyguards may only fire when they are within 5 paces of an active cannon.

Guidelines for Mounted Officers:

-Any player in command of 40 or more other players via TeamSpeak, may play as the General class.

-The General may not fight from horseback, the horse is for avoiding combat.

-If dismounted, the General is treated as Infantry.


The following regiments have been invited and have agreed to enforce the event rules within their ranks. These regiments will receive the password each Wednesday:

Regiment name (reserved slots)

Public Regiment (20)
2nd Rhode Island (15)
20th Maine (15)
Kentucky Field Cavalry (10)
Rddt Brigade (40)
Confederate States Marine Corps (10)
6th Wisconsin (15)
4th Virginia (10)
33rd Virginia (15)
00th Regiment (15)
18th Louisiana (10)
Petersburg Light Dragoons (15)


Master Knight
Any regiments hoping to attend may send me a PM requesting an invitation. No promises, but as long as there is room I will squeeze you in.


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Commander Millander said:
When in the use of cover are regiment allowed to crouch? Excuse me if I overlooked this,
There are no rules against crouching for anyone at anytime. These are rifles, it would be cruel.


58th New York Infantry Regiment “Polish Legion”

Would like to sign up!


Master Knight
The Guest List is populating at a decent pace. I am adding people as they reply to my PMs, so first come first serve.  :!:


Looking forward to working closely with 5arge and Deo to ensure that these Linebattles in N&S are of the Highest quality!


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The rule about firing in formation has been amended to include the use of pistols. Hopefully this will balance the power of revolvers on the battlefield. As long as an officer is in line with his troops, he can fire his pistol freely, but once in melee the pistol is treated like any other firearm and can only be fired in a proper line.


Master Knight
A new rule has been added to try and keep the battle from turning into prolonged trench warfare:

"Infantry and Skirmishers may not have spaces between them when firing from behind hard cover (walls, fences, earthworks, barricades, reverse slopes, etc.)"

So the idea is that soldiers should be shoulder to shoulder when firing behind hard cover, but in the open field they may use the usual one man width for space. Everyone can crouch, so this should help balance things.


Regiment:  00th Intergalactic Space Regiment
Role Desired:  Infantry
Number of members:  180 (Figure about 10-20ish will attend)

Previous Experiences: 
  • Founder of the Greatest Regiment of All Time, the 00th Intergalactic Space Regiment
  • Founder of the ISC (Intergalactic Space Command) Army
  • Founder of the 7 month long and still runnin stong two-server 400 people extravaganza known as the Top Secret Linebattles
  • Founder of the 5 month long Original SNAG (Sunday North American Gladius) Events (Which I handed off to get my Sundays back)
  • Poster of over 200 entire linebattles on Youtube, quite possibly the Largest Collection of Napoleonic and Mount and Musket linebattles in the history of the planet
  • Creator of many hot ex-girlfriends
  • Inventor of the Trans-Dimensional Time-Space Ripper
  • The first person to introduce Plasma Assault Rilfes onto an smooth-bore musket event
  • Official Admin on the Napoleonic Wars 'NW US Official Servers'
  • Someone who actually read the rules that were posted

I look forward to my Regiments eventual acceptance into this event.

Thundersnow out.
Regiment:95th North Carolina Infantry Regiment (95NC)
Role Desired: Infantry
Number of members: 10-15
Previous Experiences: The most experienced Infantry Regiment, The 95th Kolberg Regiment.
109 member Regiment with strong officers to lead each line to victory.


Master Knight
See what you did Thundersnow?

We do not accept applications for this event, it's invitation only. If you would like to be considered for an invitation when space opens up, you may send me a PM letting me know.  :evil:
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