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Starting off i'd like to say i'm absolutely ecstatic on whats to come in future development for the game and possible dlc/mods. With that behind me i'd like to give my opinion on how some improvements could be made to both clans and kingdoms! Firstly i'd love too see a mechanic for overthrowing the ruler of a faction! For example it is stated in the Encyclopedia for Derthert(Ruler of the Vlandian Faction) that some within the kingdom believe the people deserve a more "virile king" a warrior of sorts able to lead the Vlandians to a glorious position of military power and cultural influence! I'd love too see a civil war type of addition to the game slowly swaying lords and possibly even the population of fiefs such as villages and towns to your cause to support you as king! Bringing this full circle you could use the cunning stat as a percentage chance for your rebellion to found out by lords loyal to the ruler of the faction you wish to overthrow or for the ruler himself to findout! Not only this but aside from that other factions noticing the vulnerability of a kingdom in civil war could support one side or the other offering a multitude of somewhat meaningful events! This would add a whole new way to play the game! Overthrowing a dictator or monarch? Come on that's the beauty of a true sandbox game having the freedom to influence everywhere you go with every action you take! On a small side note im guessing this would go hand in hand with clan influence and possible even the fusing of clans between marriage to make your right to the throne even more justifiable
Couldn't agree more, something like this is definitely a great content addition. That being said, I'd also like to add that you don't have to be the one to instigate it, I'd love to see a mechanic where unhappy Lords do this, perhaps you can support them and put them on the throne instead, or you can -both- put your differences aside and team up to take down the King
Civil wars would help reduce snowballing significantly which is a big plus. I'd also love to deliberately plunge an unstable kingdom like Vlandia into chaos in order to gain more fiefs and influence for myself. :grin:
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