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City RP(Napoleonic PK) - 0 mods needed

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Hello everybody! Some of you already know this server and bought all the houses but I want others know too.


City RP is a server that you can do everything you do in real life. You can be a police officer, doctor, mayor, lawyer, priest, judge, builder, farmer, woodcutter, miner and jobs we didn't add yet.


You can earn money, spend money and buy stuff what is needed to scare other people. You can have horses that stay in stable or houses to live in. In City RP, we believe there must be 0 tolerance to playing without roleplaying. If you are in, you have to roleplay. That's why we have lots of features we believe you will like them. If you have 4+ friends join our steam group and create your Illegal Faction now! Gangs can attack city, kidnap people and ask ransom for them.

Another feature I want to tell you about is building. If you have enough money to be a builder, you can build houses with doors to people who want.
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