City Builder Aspects-Tools?!

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Hey, I know this is a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar fetched scenario for the game, at least for now hopefully...but I was looking at the camera mod that allows for Total War style gameplay, and then I saw how accessible and easy the mod tools were being made...

It seemed to me like those mod tools through a simplified mechanism COULD be used for "city building" style gameplay too.

For instance, you get a village, you buy an "estate", accessing that estate gives you a randomly generated (or pre-made if easier) scene where you add building from above. Each building could cost things and could add benefits, a production chain in a certain amount of time etc.

It would be nice to build an estate with a central fortifications, surrounding villages, some crafts areas, farms etc...I reckon the biggest problem would be populating it with pathfinding characters. But maybe the tools could contain a simple *walking route* kind of a tool which the player can use to set where what characters move and do. So it would be completely up to the player to set the scene and what everyone does just for the eye candy. Population could also convert into taxation.

I remember that the 1257 Mod for Warband had a simpler version of this where you created an estate and your scenery improved. - Obviously, this scene was inaccasible for the others, meaning it will not be part of the grand campaign's warfare visually.

Do you believe it will be possible to implement something like this?
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