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Cities, Villages and Castles Development (Suggestion)

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Hi all,
I have been playing and feel that cities, world map are kind off lack something (like order, civilization in a way of speak), so I was thinking and came up with few ideas and suggestions rewarding them and how we could or ai could develop them.

Roads: This is the most obvious one, and there is a reddit guy that posted a map where he put roads around, it would be nice if they were more present, giving benefits like move speed and so, also would be good to ai pathfinding and to player to know where thing go. For example if we plan to raid a caravan, we would know that they eventually will pass throw that place.

Each faction would have different road types, for example:
  • Aserai: roads being in sandy/desert climate would lose themselves, only a few roads are cobbled.
  • Battania and Sturgia: roads of dirt, sometimes covered in snow.
  • Vlandia: having invaded the Empire's Capital, there remains many high roads, but otherwise the new roads are of dirt.
  • Khuzait: being nomads once the only roads they have are the ones used to trade.
  • Empire: the most developt kingdom and its roads are of stone.
Regarding Villages, Cities and Castles, they already have some of this facilities, some are obvius they are there, like farm or mines but other are not so, It would be nice if they were presented also in the enciclopedia.

Villages: I believe they should start with a manor or lord hall built, so even low tiered lords have a proper house. My general idea is, villages could grow into little towns, merchant villages or frontier settlements. In other words focusing in war, trade, production or mixed them as each lord would see fit.
Having x number of slots for building things, for example: slots number, villages 6, cities 12, castles 8.

Some buildings would need others to function.
  • Walls: Allows siege instead of raiding.
  • Towers: (need walls) Increase defense in sieges.
  • Moat: (need walls) Increase defense in sieges. If near water, the moat has water.
  • Barracks: Increase recruit numbers and allows to garrison troops.
  • Training Ground: gives small xp daily.
  • Archery Range: gives small xp daily.
  • Tavern: Increases trade and income of the village, allows hiring mercenaries, having travelling npcs.
  • Market: Increase income, trader has new items. Can create caravans, and caravans stop by.
  • Slave market: (requires market) Increase income, and player can sell slaves for more gold.
  • Farmlands: Increase food production
  • Mill: (needs farms) Increase food production /watermill instead if a river is near.
  • Backery: (needs mill) Increase food production, sells bread
  • Livestock: Increase animal production.
  • Pens: Increase animal production, decrease winter debuff.
  • Mines: Allows productions of minerals, iron, silver, etc.
  • Smith: (need mines) Allows crafting, and trader has weapons and armour.
  • Quarry: Allows production of stone, marble, etc.
  • Stonemason: Increase quarry production, allowes trade and sell of new products
  • Hunter lodge: Increase food production, other meat types
  • Pelter: (needs hunter or livestock) Produces leather, sells leather armors and products
  • Butcher: (needs hunter or livestock) Increase food production, sells special meat, dry meat, sausages, etc.
  • They could also have workshops like in cities.
  • Church: Increase lord renown daily
  • Extended Housing: Increase production and recruit numbers, increase food demand.

Note: Obviously many settlements would have already some of this slots occupied by: farmlands, pens, mines or woodcutters.

Castles: castles, villages and towns should have a maximum number of troops that hey can hold, also the more they hold more money and food they consume.
  • Barracks: Increase max number of troops allowed to be in the castle
  • Training Grounds: Gives x number of expierience daily to garrisoned troops
  • Archery Range: Gives x number of expierience daily to garrisoned troops
  • Kitchen: Increase food, transform raw food into dishes
  • Library: Sells and stores books
  • Church: Increase lord renown daily
  • Extended guest housing: Increase lords renown when a banquet is held or when other lords are in the castle
  • Stables: Sells and stores horses.
  • Moat: (need walls) Increase defense in sieges. If near water, the moat has water.
  • Palisade: A wall of wood.
  • Stone wall: A low stone of wall with wood.
  • High stone wall: a high stone wall with several defensive things.
Cities: have a mix, between village upgrades and castles upgrades, so I ll not list some facilities, like church, stables, market. Also would be nice if there were culture only buildings, like bathouses for the empire, a thing for sturgia, bazzar for aserai, special stables for khuzait, druidic forest for battania, order halls for vlandia, and so on.

If you have read till here, thank you for taking your time for doing so, comment what you think if you like.
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