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John Xenir

hah, I also wondered if there would be some horn of the abyss things included, even though it's just a mod, not official expansion.


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John Xenir said:
hah, I also wondered if there would be some horn of the abyss things included, even though it's just a mod, not official expansion.
Horn of the Abyss is not 100% unofficial, as the Cove represents the Pirates of Regna, which are part of the official lore. The Kronverk, one of the future planned factions(v.2.0) for HotA, is also lore-friendly, as, in Might and Magic VII, there are dwarves living as an Independent faction in the Barrow Downs. The only non-official town from HotA is The Cathedral(v.3.0).

John Xenir

Ah. Most interesting. Would that include also some gunpowder weapons like pistols into warband?  :mrgreen:

However I must admit, that M&M is a mishmash of incoherent lore, targeting especially heroes 3, what are roman looking titans, genies doing in snow, inferno looks too muslim yet other references lik hero names are totally out of style. When I first heard of forge and its dismissal I was a bit upset, mostly because I thought it was clockwork based, but when I saw it I discovered it was cyber which was really too much.

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yaback said:
1.can you give the infotmation about the progress of scenes and plot
2.will you use the music from HoMM 3
3. what number of cities will have one faction?
also do you plan to give players the possibbility to rise the buildings, which are neccessary for recruiting troops, or the recruiting system will be like in Native?
1. Unfortunately we aren't able to give you such information, it's just to early and our work is not as systematic and regular.
2. We are going to contact with authors of HoMM soundtrack and ask them for permission, and if they'll agree, we will use both original music and music composed by us (i mean 'by Devil_Imp' :wink:
3. Probably one faction will have 2 or 3 cities and a few castles.
We are going to merge this two systems of recruiting units. Each faction will have several types of troops, each with its own upgrade tree. Some of them you will be able to recruit at villages, castles or cities, and the other will require rising a building.

ThaneWulfgharn said:
Maybe you can reveal some information about The Forge through a Side-Quest line that makes the forge a Player-Town only.
Oh,and now that I remember that in the Might and Magic universe there are the Pirates of Regna,which are supposed to have some sort of base near Erathia,cos' they're in a continuous war. Possible concepts about a Regnan faction could come from The Cove:
Side-Quest with the Forge isn't the best idea. Firstly, action of our mod takes place in 1165, so Kastore - potential leader of the forge, hasn't even landed yet on Enroth. Secondly, a player with an army of cyborg zombies doesn't really fits in our plot.
About HoTa - We aren't going to base on unofficial expansions for many reasons. They are inconsistent with our vision of the mod - the plot just doesn't match and there are many solutions and ideas in e.g. HoTa that we just didn't liked.
The pirates of Regna are of course at war with Erathia, because they are pirates, but they aren't strong enough to be a faction with its own army. They are more like organised clan of bandits and smugglers.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but Christmas and New Years Eve isn't the best time for posting, we were kinda busy :smile:

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1.How exactly will the difference between villages-towns-castles be in Chronicles of Might and Magic?
2.Will it be possible to upgrade one location to another through building buildings such as Town Hall,City Hall,Capitol, Fort,Citadel,Castle?? (One reaches the stade of "Castle" with the Fort built,and the stade of City with City Halll and Citadel(or castle) built)
3.Will it be possible to settle new villages on the map?(there's already a script for this in Guide of Useful Scripts)
4.Can you give a full list of the planned troop trees and way of recruitment for each?
5.Can you inform us(just for curiosity)what you're working on right now?


You guys should make a moddb page so I can subscribe to this mod, and not have to check the forum every few weeks  :mrgreen:.

So much nostalgia looking at these screenshots... It already looks amazing! Thank you for attempting to recreate my childhood favorite game in my adult life favorite game. 

Mr. Bio

Hi there!
We were quite busy these days, but now we are back, and i've got something to show you:

Titan's Cuirass



Thunder Helmet


Sentinel's Shield


Titan's Gladius



Titan's Thunder



Bow of the Sharpshooter



Cloak of the Undead King


Hope you enjoyed! :smile:


The cloak of the dead king... it is... the best... armour I have seen in the entire Warband so far... including all the mods...

Great job gentlemen, waiting for more updates and of course the release :smile:


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Something I found today,digging on the Polish Forum:
Barbarian(Set 1):


Barbarian(Set 2):


Barbarian(Set 3):

Battle Mage(Set 1):

Battle Mage(Set 2):
Battle Mage(Set 3):



When will it be released? I cant wait no mod is as good as this at the time
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