B Fantasy Chronicles of Might and Magic[0.6 released July 1'st 2016]

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Mat Berserker

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Chronicles of Might and Magic

New version of Might and Magic mod is out. Are you ready to jump into world known from Heroes 3 and Might and Magic 7? Fight for domination on a continent thorn between evil Necromancers and Wizards, where Knight fights Lizardmen and where countryside is pillaged by goblin hordes.

What to expect:
-New multiplayer modes
-Magic system
-Tons of items and armors
-Many new MP maps
-Terrible game balance
-Native like SP(no new quest avaible currently)
READ BEFORE PLAYING http://www.moddb.com/mods/chronicles-of-might-and-magic/features/game-rules

From the book of Cuthbert, Erathian cleric and royal scribe:

It is the year 1165 after the Silence, and the king Nicolas Gryphonheart is dead. The Kingdom of Erathia is driven into chaos and anarchy, while hostile border nations seek to take advantage of the ensuing disorder. From the southwest come the wild beasts and the barbarian tribes of Krewlod, while from the western kingdom of Tatalia come the lizardmen and the monstrous creatures of the wild swamps. Meanwhile, the northern borders are under constant attack from Deyja, the land of evil necromancers and their undead minions. We count the elvish kingdom of Avlee as our only ally. The strength of our alliance is fragile, but within it lies our only hope.
Our leaderless kingdom is under grave threat, but in this time of dire need all the denizens of Erathia, from the humblest peasant to the most noble knight, place their eyes upon Erenoth. In this desperate hour arrives the rightful heir to the throne, the lady Catherine Ironfist.
In spite of the crisis facing the Kingdom, the sun yet rises and life proceeds as normal. Yet a sense of dread and disquiet lingers in the air.
The year 1165 will see epic ballads of heroism sung against a backdrop of thunderstorms and unrest...

We want to introduce you mod to Mount and Blade Warband game. Action is set in realms known to you from Might and Magic series. We are going to provide you opportunity to become hero, join one of five factions and decide about fate of whole continent. You will take part in epic battles with creatures you know from Heroes games.
Here is short movie introducing you in our project:

Mod will allow you to:

-Explore Antagariach, continent where action of HoMM3 take place.

-Hire creatures known from series and meet and interact with heroes like Gelu, Sandro or Cragg Hack.

-Collect unique artifacts known from 3DO games.

-Study secrets of magic and cast spells. You will be able to be mage, sorcerer, necromancer, lich, shaman, cleric etc.

-Join one of 8 factions - Erathia, Avlee, Deyja, Krewlod, Tatalia, Bracada, Nighon or Eofol.
-Explore many interesting scenes and find powerful artifacts.
-Have great time playing it.

Some bonus screenshots

CoMM Team:
Mr.Bio - 3D Graphics, Textures, Rigging
Devil_Imp -Plot, Dialogs, Music, Public Relations
Mat_Berserker - Scripts, 3D Graphics, Animations
Filcefix - Level Design, Concept Arts, Maps, and crazy ideas

Paul Anthony Romero
Rob King

Special thanks:
Dustil - Translation, tests
rubik - troop tree, map script
Arch3r - invasion script
Garedyr - Factions prize
Gregoriian - FAQ
HITMEN Clan - maps, tests
Hakkapeliter Clan - maps, tests
14. Pułk Kirasjerów Clan - tests

Version 0.41 is out
Version 0.4
Patch 0.41(copy content of CoMM_.41 folder to CoMM_0.4 directory from archive above):
:shock: While I was watching this video I was saying to myself "this can't get any better" and it, without any warning, was getting better. Wow, just wow.

Mr. Bio

I have added some interesting screenshots, you can see them few posts above. Feel free to ask questions about mod features :smile:


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Il miss Festung but Im loving this. Not sure whether to be lizard or skeleton, though the sharpshooter looks good.

John Xenir

Will this mod also feature swamp terrain (which could make cavalry somehow less effective) and lizard fortresses?

Mr. Bio

Of course, swamp terrains will be full of puddles of water and small water ponds, that surely will make cavalry less effective :smile:
Tatalian Fortress is almost done, it needs only few models.


Yay! Glad to see you are back, even though I would have loved to see a SP version of your WWII mod. I like what you have done so far! You always make quality stuff.

John Xenir

Mr. Bio said:
Of course, swamp terrains will be full of puddles of water and small water ponds, that surely will make cavalry less effective :smile:
Tatalian Fortress is almost done, it needs only few models.

And when will we see the fortress? :smile:

Another question, will be there flying units, like griffins and dragons? How would riderless units actually act?


Glad that your incredible skills are being put into another mod. It's a shame that Festung Breslau died, it's easy to tell that a huge amount of time was put into it.
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