Choosing which units to bring into a hideout battle

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Is there a way to choose which units I bring into a hideout battle since when I fight battles in which hideouts have more archers I'd bring more or only archers? I get stomped hard when fighting opponents that use bows.
I think if you put the units you want to come with you at top it helps at least that is what I do to limit my recruits. Basically slide up your archers or shielders, and you should be okay


Add this to the list of things TW has to do to get back to Mount & Blade. The options are so limited right now.


Somebody said something about leaving troops you don't want with your companion outside the settlement, but I have no idea how that would work.


place all the units you dont want in a castle/town of yours and only go with the 8 men you want to play the mission with.

dont have a castle/town? dont play it. even with 8x lvl 6 guys you might get problems in a 40+ hideout


Definitely this, it's one of my biggest issues with the game. Give us a separate screen from where to select which troops to bring. The "top of the party list" thing does not work, for at least two reasons: 1) many times I've had peasants from the bottom of the list join me in the attacks, and 2) the list is not a good tool for managing your party anyway. Each time you upgrade soldiers to ones you don't already have, they should at least appear right next to the ones they were upgraded from (not the bottom of the list), and there should be a "move to the top" option.

Another, related thing I hope to see fixed, is that we need to be able to see how many infantry, archers etc are in our party, right from the party screen. Currently, to my knowledge, you can only see this from the worldmap on mouse-over, which is very inconvenient. Oh, and changing which troops are assinged to which "formation" is not saved when you save the game, they reset to default when you load.


It definetly does have high priority on units on the top of your list, typically I run fiann champions on the top and consistently get 6 of them in my deployment.


This needs to be a feature.

If not, at least add in some help text somewhere, or tooltip over hideouts on the campaign map, telling how the troop selection works - like dragging wanted troops to the top of the party list.
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