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Was anyone able to arrange marriage for his kid. I can talk about it with leader of another clan and choose which of my kids I want to propose. Then he tells me who is suitable for marriage in his clan and sends me to this person but there's no dialog with potential spouse about it. Is it broken or not implemented yet?
I'd like to know as well. I received the whole "perhaps an introduction is in order" type message but after that IDK what to do. I spoke to the clan leader then spoke to his son to arrange my daughter's marriage but no dialogue upon introduction to the son.

I'd also like to know if my daughters stay in my party or if they will leave once married. In addition do any new step daughters I gain via marrying my sons, do the wives of my sons join my party/clan/kingdom?


Yeah I had made a thread about it in the past. Since I have tried various stuff speaking to the lord's child etc but still no success.
Probably this concept is not impemented yet unfortunatelly...
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