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Royal Rat Rumble - NA Scramble Draft League

A tournament for primarily the NA community to have its own scramble league. Everyone is welcome!

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Children of the Taco - Rewards Inside

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KoA John

Welcome to the official Children of the Taco team thread. You have entered EPIC territory, continue at your own risk.

All those loyal to the taco are listed below, get on your knees and bow before them in reverence and they may spare your SOUL.

  • Sidepleb​
  • Child​
  • John​
  • Brave​
  • Bohemond​
  • Anaxion​
  • Mar​
  • Fietta​
  • Fatso​
  • Canton​
  • Vic​
  • Nish​

The Taco Way

The Taco is love
The Taco brings peace and tranquility
The Taco brings life essence
Breath in deeply and inhale the Taco
Thou shalt adore the Taco, rub it thusly
Be one with the Taco
Never forget the Taco
Be embraced by the warm meat of the Taco and find your true self in its greasy goodness

The corn tortilla fields are ready for harvesting, onward for glory and honor!
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