Cheshire Cats Clan [CCC]

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Master Knight
predat0r said:
Thx :smile:
Dopey said:
Good luck!
thank you!
Slow said:
Viel Glück Oli!!!
danke :grin:
Tungdil Goldhand said:
Good luck and have fun Olii, Do you guys have a memberlist?  :razz:
thanks :grin: and no, not on this thread yet but you'll find it on our forum
Ceasar said:
Good luck Olii!!
thx :grin: and dont get caught
valent69 said:
Nice banner.
yep :grin:
Windle said:
Great thread! Hope does grows out to become the clan you want!
we hope that too xD but it looks good
Erminas said:
Then you definitely need cat from the American McGee's Alice!
Best of luck :wink:
NimS_ said:
good luck  :!:
thx :smile:
ReneKB said:
Good luck!
Dyktator said:
Best of luck :!:  :smile:
Primi said:
Good luck! :grin:
Thx :grin:
Niccolò dei Machiavelli said:
Wish you best of luck :wink:
PepperKP said:
Best of luck mate :grin:
thx :grin:
Envious_Elazul said:
Good luck my friend!  :wink:
thx :grin:
Golradir said:
Good luck oli (and probably chat)<3
thx :grin: and yes Chat is there as well
RobinWar said:
good luck, 2nd Castellan clan
*1st democratic clan
Mike~ said:
i am from cheshire
+1 for your application :wink:
OurGloriousLeader said:
CCCP? :razz:
All the best!
:wink: and thx
Elite_Garde said:
Good luck guys
Kohath said:
Sounds like a very fun tournament! I'd say count me in, but I am much to busy with my studies :sad: (I'm studying game development in Amsterdam). Besides I do play warband sp but MP not so much since i'm very much hindered by my weak wrists. They even have a sort of lumps on them, which we don't really know what they are. They have all the simptoms of a Ganglion Cyst. But somehow they are not that.

But when I get fixed (and I hope I don't have rheumatism) I'll jump right in and join you!  :razz:


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Let's hope the best for your wrists. Damn, this sounds bad!
But we still need some admins, so if you like to join np :grin:

Ofc I expect Gol to volunteer as well (or participate) :razz:
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