Cheat Menu for old M&B?

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Hey guys I'm sure you've probably answered these kind of posts a lot times in the past but I've been tearing my head off as I've been searching the internet for loads of answers and get nothing :/ If anybody has an answer please reply below and don't ...please don't post a hate comment. Thanks for taking your time to nicely answer me :smile: If you didn't understand the Subject it was, "Is there a cheatmenu/command console for Mount and Blade v1.011" Where you could possible press "Ctrl+~" or "Shift+~" to open it up? If there isn't I know you can export your characters etc...but it just seems to long and a bit tiring to do that over and over I need the command console to do things like the "Cheat-Like Me" or something I've seen one in Star Wars Conquest but I thought this was only for Warband...(Apologies if I've broken some sort of posting rule as this is my first topic post on forums.)
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