Chasing a wife feels like doing an interview

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Disclaimer: I don't know if discussion the subject has already happened, so please free to re-direct me there!

I'd love to see more meaningful interactions with a lady you're trying to hook up for marriage. As of 1.5.10, you need to identify a suitable spouse, have a coupe of "successful chats" with her, and basically bribe the father to allow the marriage to happen.

I think this is a missed opportunity to pepper with more personality the NPCs, especially one that you fancy to marry. Allow me to explain...

The chat with the wanna-be bride feel like more a chat between an interviewer (her), who ask questions, and an interviewed (the player), who needs to answer accordingly to her traits. This is a step in the good direction, but it could be improved.

I'd love to see a more two-way conversation, rather that an interview, where you have the chance "to know" the NPC, in ways more interactive and engaging that just a glance of her traits in the encyclopedia. As of now it looks like her is marrying me, not the other way around though!

I think this change, however small, would enhance the experience of seeking your spouse and give her a more credible "personality" and add considerable immersion to the game as a whole.

Of course a similar logic would benefit all other notable NPC, such as your companions... (This has been attempted through the initial conversation with the companion before you hire him/her, but could be expanded upon)

With that said, I hope I conveyed the idea (english is not my first language, so sorry if not) and I hope it makes somewhat sense!
Just a thought I wanted to share :smile:

Keep up the good work, love the game!
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