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Need More Info Character voice Reset Bug

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Yes, I used mods.


Summary: After about 400 hours playing, literally all characters voice is reset to voice 1, just like Ragnarök in voice choice. Yesterday it was all fine, but suddenly the voice reset appear. I didnt do any change in between. Didnt ues barber though. And sadly these bug seems happened 3 years ago, and didnt get much attention. I am really enjoy roleplay so this bug is really upset to me.
And maybe onething is important, in custome battle I have found those characters voice remain the same, unchange at all.
How to Reproduce: As summary
Have you used cheats and if so which: nope
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By the way I really enjoy playing MB, and I appreciate your works, please continue your efforts to make this game better
Are you also experiencing this issue on the latest version of the game?
And I tried reinstall, back to 1.1.4, delete all documents in C:\Users\documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord but save data, all failed, righ now this bug seems only affect NPC lords and player in sandbox and campanign, soliders not include.
Are you also experiencing this issue on the latest version of the game?
Even thought disable all mods, this bug still exists. And I found something interesting, if use a mod called Character Reload I can change the voice, like male vocie 7, it does changed, but if you try edit the character again, it still shows voice 1, but actually is voice 7. It still works after reload the game. But if is DCC, it will reset back to voice 1 after reload the game. NOTICE this bug still exists after disable all mods.
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