Character Screen Bug: "Gain 16496 skill points to level up this character"

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I only noticed this today, but there seems to be a bug in the character screen where it displays outrageously large numbers for level progression, and refers to these numbers as "skill points".

Now I've actually been leveling up fine, so I'm guessing this is a labeling bug. I suspect there's been a change to the character development so that level progression is keyed off of 'Skill Point Experience', rather than 'Skill Points'. And sure enough, as my level in Steward moves along from 54:500 to 54:1000, my level progression increases.

Now, a second point. This seeming change to the character development systems means problems for using the campaign.reset_player_skills_level_and_perks command in the console. When you use this command, what isn't reset is the value for 'total skill experience gained'. This means that I soon as you gain any skill experience, you'll shoot back up to the level you were previously at. See screenshot.

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