Character Choice Creation - Immortality (SUGGESTION! NOTICE ME LORD NOUGHT!)

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The reason why you chose adventuring... Immortality(+4 str,+4 agi,+4 int,-20 cha,+???)

As you pass through your life you find yourself different from others not in the way that you have a non conforming attitude but instead you are an undying immortal and unlike the legends you are a different type. You can't die, you've tried multiple ways and nothing has truly been capable of slaying you no matter how deadly and powerful. Death is simply an empty word for you, not only is death an empty word but you're sure that death himself couldn't kill you if he tried. The years of immortality has honed your body to near physical perfection but the loss of too many close friends and family has killed your personality and even talking to others becomes a grueling task. It made you solitary but it didn't mean being alone. Countless people, armies, factions and even countries have come to hunt you for the secret of immortality and because of this even trusting others has become a challenge. Countless years have passed and you have watched the world change multiple times, you've seen leaders rise and fall, lovers meet and wed, close friends die and you are tired. You are tired of living and sometimes you ask were you truly living. You've decided to venture out to finally find a way to permanently end your existence. One way or another you're going to die or maybe you'll find a way to live....

Effects of choosing Immortality: (Can be edited when too extreme or when lord nought deems it)
- Choosing this leads to two quests. Finding a way to die or finding a way to live
- You have neutral relations towards factions but their respective rulers/kings hate you. (-100)(if possible). 
- You cannot be a necromancer. (If possible)  But you can talk to the bloodfountain and he will ponder your existence before deciding to give you clues in things that might be able to help you in your quandary. His clues lead for death.
- No Lichdom, vampirism, and lycanthropy. Your immortality is pure and cannot be affected by weaker immortal types. Not saying that werewolves, vampires, and liches are weaker but their immortality is weaker.
- You can recruit but only the bare minimum as your charisma is either 0 or 1. I think the minimum party is 10, if possible I would like for it to stay that way. The plan for this character creation choice is to be solo.
- There will be hunters that want to capture you for the secrets of immortality.
- The Great artificer or Great alchemist will give you clues on how to live, ironic considering they're immortal by lichdom or machines.
- Your health regenerates to full health at the start of every battle no matter how wounded you are. Just like how poseidon’s avatar does in the current patch.
- You’ll be given either armor or a weapon depending on what seems fair if lord nought decides to take my suggestion and turn it into a reality.
- If it’s armor it’ll be simple, a body with a tattoo. You’ll look naked save for pants and an upper body armor that looks like you’re naked and have a tattoo in the center.  It gives a measly 40 upper body armor and lower body armor. But you’ll get upgraded pieces the more you proceed with your quests. Also the quests have different rewards.
- If it’s a weapon it’ll be simple it needs to be a sword, a short sword. Truth to be told I don’t even need to make up a weapon, I’m sure if lord nought took notice he would think of a better idea.

This is meant to play solo opposite to blindness where you rely on troops.

Anyway that’s all my ideas impounded here any change is welcome.