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Ithilrandir is really great and how did you manage to give Iskar precisely the slightly indignant facial expression I myself usually display? That's awesome! :smile:

On a side note: He's not of Baccus descend, but one of his parents is from the Empire, i.e. the faction in southern Pendor.
Iskars made me chuckle. Hes got like an im sad but pouting face :smile:. :wink:

I like Iskars :smile:, most certainly you can tell he has some experience in that face of his.
Dietrich said:
Hah, sorry. It's either I'm out or working on a lore character. Already done with Iskal's though but I'm pretty sure I'll get through all, since we're all the same people that's here I think.

Also edited Emperor Marius' armor.

Waiting for your reply.  :cool: Iskar Artwork just too stronk
Really nice of you to help out the participants of the roleplay, and in such an eye-pleasing way. Thanks a lot. Should you really intend to make all the order's grandmasters, I volunteer to come last. So far there is no other picture of Azlanek in my mind than a knight in dark armour, and for that the ingame model totally suffices, so there is no hurry for me to get one of your awesome avatars.
Updated with Konigur Valdis. Armor resembles more of a Vanskerry Style, however. Anyway, here's my personal insight so far. Correct me if I'm wrong.

-I imagine the typical Empire war council is similar to that scene in Troy where the Trojan king has his generals (legatus) to the left while the lords, dukes and advisers are to the right.
-Fierdsvain are mostly all clad in chain or iron. Similar to the Ironborn in GoT.

Also, I'll be out a few couple of days. Going to the country.
Very nice work Dietrich! Do you really intend to do every in game character as well as the RP characters? If so then good luck to you mate! These are fantastic!  :grin:
wow. that artwork is stunning! great job on the protraits. any chance you will be doing more of the rp players?
dowdpride said:
wow. that artwork is stunning! great job on the protraits. any chance you will be doing more of the rp players?

He said he would, well at least getting the grandmasters out of the way. I'm sure he will, but considering his dish-out time, this must take him awhile, so lets hope he makes it for everyones character sometime in the near future. :razz:
I'm back folks. Will get started on a few of the already pending requests and other ideas I have of the lore characters.
YO! Hi im second in command of the dawn in the RP and I wanted to request one for my char when your done with your current projects if possible.

Hi, nice to meet you. I am Caranthir, the absent grandmaster of the Silvermists (due to starting college and stuff, hope to be back maybe this Saturday), could you make me an avatar? My current avatar is what he looks like, could you make me one with or without the helmet, I have some bigger pics if you need them. If you want any more details, just PM me.

And yes, I am planning on joining the RP again soon, just got a big test today and I'm working on a huge talent/comedy/variety show at my university this whole week, so I have no evenings until Saturday.
I really should pay more attention to this forum...well, at least this explains all those Fire Emblem-esque images I've seen popping up on the RP forum.

Nice work here.  I have to admit, I tend to think of Fire Emblem when it comes to PoP.
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