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Character Artwork

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Updated with Frederick of Mettenheim. How do Noldor look like anyway? Are they scrawny or a bit bigger than humans?
Awesome! If i may make a few suggestions? Fred should have silver pauldrons, and for his breastplate, either black and yellow, or for a forlorn hope style, just blue. Also i think he looks young in this picture, he may be a bit older in the game, im not so sure.

As for the noldor, id say they are human sized, but more on the thin side, very prestigious looking. You can look on the pop wiki for their pictures i believe. Or someone may provide a picture.
The Noldor lords in general should look very confident+condescending.  Basically, their jaw would be pointing towards the sky...
Alright, I'll work on Fred, heh. After searching through characters especially on the RP community though, I decided to make my rendition of King Mordred.
Awesome :smile:

This is the pic currently being used;

He is quite a lithe man, and not particularly tall. Blond hair with a goatee.
Check the first page. Already done. Heh. With that said, I'd really have a better and easier time making these with either in-game screenshots or artwork. I'm a visual-minded person sadly.
Updated Frederick and King Ulric now with your suggestions. I'm looking to make a few of the player requests and this Scipio companion, but I have nothing to work with. I'll try to come up with something for the Noldor.
It would be great if you could make Iskar. He's Lord Constable of the Silvermist.

Description: Rather slender, long black hair, clean shaven. He has both Empire and Sarleon blood, if that helps you fleshing out the features. You can refer to my current avatar, too. The armour is silver half plate.
Name: Grandmaster Mastifus, leader of the Knights of the Dragon


Description: He has an eyepatch obviously, his armor is like that, but bears a dragon as a crest on his breastplate (might not show up on the character sprite and thats fine).Armor is that color. He has long hair like so and his beard like so. maybe more grayish, but that color works also, depends on the final result :smile:

Warlord Aeldarian: Warlord Aeldarian hates all mankind and has a huge army consisting of many Noldor troops you’ve never seen together before. He strongly dislikes humans.

Warlord Ithilrandir: Warlord Ithilrandir is the milder counterpart to Aeldarian though he hates Jatu more than filthy humans. He is rumored to have a sense of honor and won’t bother you if you release Noldor prisoners.

Lethaldiran: I can't find a good bio description.

Sir Timothy: Knight of the Unicorn, whose father was a Grand Master. After the betrayal of their order by his Grand Master to the
Heretics, he struck out on his own. He dislikes Gydia because he has heard rumors in Ravenstern that she will poison people
for the right price, and dislikes Andonja because she kills the wounded, instead of taking prisoners, so she can loot them.
He is also annoyed that she called him a "sanctimonious wanker" when he remonstrated with her about her behavior. He
admires Donavan's military tactics and training techniques.
Well for the Noldor just look a Lethaldiran and don't forget pointy ears. I think they have pointy ears anyways....
As far as characters? Not that I know of exist, they are just bandits. I provided some characters for you, three being noldor, two being knights. Not hard to tell the difference :p
Dietrich said:
Just made a Red Brotherhood Guildsman. Were there any notable NPCs from the Red Brotherhood in lore?

I'd say no. Due to their elusive and decentralized nature, there wouldn't be too many prominant members that stand out I think.
If you want a truly prominent player of the RP, who else but the grandmaster of the Dawn?

Slayer of Eyegrim, Champion of light, and grandmaster of the Dawn.

Characteristics: You can refer to my signature for the armor (with no helmet), EDIT: also pauldrons

Dark brown ponytail, his face would be sort of like Vignus', but with a more light-hearted feel, a sense of hope.

He also has a scar across his cheek. His stature isn't that of a juggernaut, but its respectable.

He was raised in the Fierdsvain, then in Barclay, if that helps with any details.

If you can't make it, i understand.
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