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Hello there. Been playing Pendor almost since the beginning, but I've only really participated in these forums only now. Anyway, I've much to be grateful for the team and their magnificent work on this unique mod and great setting. The atmosphere, history and depth of this mod really creates a unique world for me to explore and I admit that I've yet to tap into most of the lore. The setting is perfect. The backgrounds are perfect, heck everything to tap into the world and explore it is perfect. The only thing lacking now is the characters, personalities and intrigue that comes from them. Apart from the character descriptions, I ask myself 'what are these people's personalities? Their motivations?' And I hope to be able to explore them on my own or with your help.

What I plan is to perhaps create a fan fiction story concerning the events before the 3.0 mod itself culminating in the almost-equal power struggle that we see during the mod and right now (And this is purely for leisure and geekiness), I've created a few sprites Fire Emblem-style to put a face into the so-called characters that I've mentioned earlier to at least give them uniqueness that the M&B char creator has not been able to give. Even though I do use these for my artwork, it's a good medium I guess, and I try to lessen the anime. I've worked on a few so far based on their appearances in-game. I plan to add a face to most of the lore personalities. If ever, some important player-characters too in the RP community of the mod (Which I'm still considering if and how to join. Not sure if I can give my 100% on this). I am admittedly lazy in terms of repetition so I probably won't be able to do requests though. Lore characters and feedback and suggestions on them are really appreciated, however.

Basically, what's the point of this topic? Well, mostly to thank the creators for this wonderful mod and perhaps gather feedback from my works so far. I don't know but exploring characters in the world of Pendor is quite as fun as exploring Pendor on its own. Setting + Characters = Really great immersion, in my book.  Also, if you may, I wish to help add weight to the already expansive setting that is Pendor.


Kings and Warlords
The various lords and generals of Pendor who have either political or military strength.


King Ulric
King of Sarleon and descendant of Duke Alfred of Sarleon, the man who would found the kingdom after Pendor's fall. He was instrumental in reinstating the controversial Knights of the Lion as guardians of the realm. A chivalrous man of noble stature, his demeanor changed when his legitimacy to the throne was threatened by the reappearance of the Pendorian royal bloodline.

King Gregory IV
King of Ravenstern, Gregory IV leads the rugged guardians of the north against the fierce tribes and raiders that plague the land alongside his favored Knights of the Dragon.

Marius Imperator
Marius is the elected Emperor of the New Empire. He was hailed for his unrelenting fight against the Serpent Cult corrupting his empire and his revolutionary reforms, ushering in a prosperous era in the south. He also militarized the scholarly Knights of the Radiant Cross in their race to find a cure against the Serpent Cults' corrupting plague.

Konigur Valdis
Leader of the ironclad Fierdsvain of the western coast, Konigur Valdis keeps his fierce subjects together as they are constantly raided by their Vanskerry cousins. He rules from his great wooden hall in Javiksholm.

Sir Darlion
A descendant of the old Pendorian royal bloodline, Darlion wishes to rebuild Pendor and fulfill the old prophecy. Rising from obscurity and rebuilding the Order of the Griffon, he travels from court to court, trying to rally allies to his cause.

Kyros Dux
Duke of the port city of Cez and the lands around it, Kyros is an old and influential noble standing vigil over the gateway to Pendor. He is a hard and traditional man who opposes Marius' reforms and still has his ideals firmly planted to the old Baccus Empire. He is also often at odds with his brother Justus Duke of Ethos' ideals, saying that he has forgotten their true purpose as Imperial Baccus citizens.

Noldorin Warlord Ithilrandir
Ithilrandir leads his House into battle alongside the more aggressive House Aeldarian as more and more incursions from the younger races disturb their forest lands in the east. He preserves the peace in Noldor lands and makes sure none disturb their dying race.

Heroes and Villains
Individuals who have made a mark on the land of Pendor in their own way.


A peasant from the village of Vezin, she became fed up with the constant raids on her village and alongside Sigismund organized a local militia. This militia eventually grew into a small host of armed peasants and started calling themselves the 'Common Knights'. A Vanskerry Jarl however, saw it fit that she should be eliminated. Nobly, Claire took up the challenge, but was killed in single combat.

Sigismund Sinclaire
Once a peasant-turned-hero who rallied commoners around him alongside his beloved Claire, Sigismund lost her to a Vanskerry Jarl who killed her off and scattered their 'Common Knights' militia. He is now a restless spirit of vengeance, wandering the land and killing the unjust without hesitation.

Frederick of Mettenheim
Part of a host of Mettenheim emissaries to Pendor, Frederick was the sole survivor when he was washed up to the shores of Pendor while his host went down with their ship at sea.

The self-proclaimed 'Prince of Singal', Ramun is the biggest slave trader outside of the Red Brotherhood and a key player in Singal's dark politics. While he deals in common slaves, his true key to success is in trafficking special kinds of people such as nobles and even Noldor.

Rishard is from the Red Brotherhood, a thieves' guild from the old Baccus Empire with a penchant for thievery and slavery. Slave brokers like him lurk in the underbelly of cities around Pendor, a thorn to the side of most lords.

Knights and Adventurers (Players)
Members of the Prophesy of Pendor RP Community who have continued with the storyline after Pendor's unification.

King Mordred Adalhard (M0rdred)
The prophesied hero who reunited Pendor under one banner, King Mordred tries to rule the new Kingdom of Pendor, but it is still rife with conflicts and differences in ideas and cultures.

Grandmaster Mitchell (MitchyMatt)
Grandmaster of the elite Immortals Legion when Pendor was unified once more, Mitchell is also the Royal Herald of the King of Pendor.

Sir Iskar (iskar)
Sir Iskar is Lord Constable of the Silvermist Rangers, Second in Command of the stalward guardians of the east. He is an excellent archer of Sarleon and Empire descent.

Sir Vignus Caro (Dietrich)
Bastard third son of an Empire Lord, Vignus is an Imperial Knight of mixed Baccus and Pendorian descent. He follows the adventurer's path different from his brothers, leaving the port city of Cez and exploring Pendor and beyond.

After meeting with various people, including the future King of Pendor and a seer who prophesied the coming of Pendor, he returned to his father's house during the events of the Unification and tried to persuade them to fight for Pendor. Instead, he faced his father and siblings on the field of battle. As the fight was raging, a Snake Cult army tried to take down House Caro in one fell swoop, only to be met with a now-combined legion which decimated the interlopers. He gained his House's support and went on to serve the king of Pendor.

He currently leads House Caro as a minor lord of the south in the new Kingdom of Pendor, focusing on rebuilding his holding's economy and infrastructure. Time will tell when the war horns will blow and Vignus picks up the sword once more.

Other works of mine from other settings (Use with credit if you're going to use them or anything):
I was trying to pull of a sort of William Wallace - Mel Gibson look but ehh..

Also, I'm admittedly a lightweight in terms of Pendor lore. Anyone know of any resources? And if possible, anyone who can give me further descriptions of lore characters they want to see in this thread? Is Darlion of Pendor thin, gaunt or muscular perhaps? Facial features?

Also, the first post is updated with a Sir Darlion of Pendor I just made with very familiar body armor.
Dietrich said:
I was trying to pull of a sort of William Wallace - Mel Gibson look but ehh..

Also, I'm admittedly a lightweight in terms of Pendor lore. Anyone know of any resources? And if possible, anyone who can give me further descriptions of lore characters they want to see in this thread? Is Darlion of Pendor thin, gaunt or muscular perhaps? Facial features?

Also, the first post is updated with a Sir Darlion of Pendor I just made with very familiar body armor.

http://popmod.wetpaint.com/ Check here
That. Is. Awesome! Great work you have here! Hope to see moar! :grin:

For the RP: :razz:  FIRST REQUEST if you ever decide to do a request however.

Name: Sir Mitchell (MitchyMatt)

Character Description: He is the grandmaster of the Immortals. He is of Empire descent. He has blonde hair, a clean shaved face, with blue eyes. He is in his middle age. He is a massive man, but you can see his gentle side in his stature. Can be smiling or not. Armor is silver.
Ha, I'd say that's a pretty accurate desciption of how Darlion looks in my head, except perhaps minus the cloak and with black armour.

If you want a history for Darlion, the one I provided in the roleplaying application thread has more or less been accepted as 'Canon'. It doesn't particularly describe the character physically, but might give you a clearer mental picture?

Edit for you convenience:http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,189009.0.html
I tried to make Gregory look a bit like a northern rugged noble with fur and all. I'll probably edit him to include such.

Anyway, thanks for the new info on Darlion. I was basing him off the fact that he was a wandering knight in-game hiding from authorities so I made him wear a Pilgrim's hood. I'll try to change that too and look for a decent Griffon armor for him, heh.

I'll do something about Marius. Tried to make him more like an untouchable general, heh.
As it hasn't been said enough yet, really, fantastic work on these.

I'm a big fan of the Fire Emblem games myself. (Played five or six of them and beaten 3 of them) and to be honest I thought your avatar was taken directly from one of them when I first saw it. You really have the artwork of the earlier games worked out perfectly.
Aye, I have a sort of pallete with all the Fire Emblem Game portraits. I just mix and match parts and color basically.

Also, Darlion updated. Basing off the Griffon Knight armor. Forgot the chainmail though. Wait a sec.
He looks much cooler, I love the Griffon emblem on his pauldrons.

Note: Emperor Marius should be: Marius Imperator
Really impressive work. I personally would like to see a few pictures of the female characters in which they look actually pretty.

The Warcraft pictures are pretty neat as well.
Great work there. Can you make a picture of Iskar? :smile: [as seen in my avatar, but with silver half-plate as befits his standing. He's rather slender though in contrast to most other characters.]
Awww you missed Fantastic Fred.

Can I have one?

Slayer of Eyegrim, Champion of light, and grandmaster of the Dawn.

Characteristics: Same sort of head that Vignus has, but with a light-hearted feel, and a brown pony-tail. Dawn armor please.
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