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Changing the Troop Cost

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I have modded using the Module System, and I understand it well, but I have no clue how to change the troop cost.
Any thoughts?
Ideally I want to be able to change the cost of different types of troops, but if there's an equation used for all troops, I'd work with that instead.


You're right, but I want to edit the cost, not down the level of troops.
By lowering the level, you make troops easier to upgrade to. What I want is a level 60 troop that costs 0 gold.


If you're talking about wages, at the end of game_get_troop_wage you can add something like this (in red):
(neq, ":troop_id", "trp_player"),
(neq, ":troop_id", "trp_kidnapped_girl"),
(neg|is_between, ":troop_id", pretenders_begin, pretenders_end),
(val_max, ":wage", 1),

(eq, ":troop_id", "trp_this_guy_is_free"),
(assign, ":wage", 0),

(assign, reg0, ":wage"),
(set_trigger_result, reg0),

Note that the block above the red stuff forces zero values to one, so you'll have to stick it underneath it. 
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